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HPD blotters for Jan. 20

Seized contraband

A Hinesville Police Officer conducted a traffic stop on a Volkswagen Passat when the officer noticed the card had a broken taillight. When the officer went to speak with the male driver, the officer detected an odor of suspected marijuana coming from inside the car. The officer explained why he initiated the traffic stop and asked the driver if there was any marijuana in the car. The driver said he didn’t know what the officer was talking about as he doesn’t smoke marijuana and he didn’t smell it in his car. The officer called for back up and the other two officers also detected the same odor. After searching the car, the officers found a marijuana cigar in a bag next to the driver’s door. However, the quantity of marijuana found would not be subject to the City’s misdemeanor possession of marijuana ordinance, so the man was not cited.


Police found a man sleeping in the driver’s seat of his car which was parked at a local church on Shaw Road. As police walked up to the car the officer spotted an open bottle of rum on the passenger’s seat. After the man was awakened, the officer asked why he was in the church parking lot and when was the last time he had a drink. The driver said he was taking a nap before driving back to his home state of Texas. He said he had a drink a few hours earlier. The man then failed a field sobriety test and later blew a .161 on his breath test. He was cited with DUI and open container violation and taken to jail.

Terroristic Threats and acts

A woman called police to reported she felt threatened be her “Baby’s Daddy,” who she said threatened to shoot her in the head. She said the man felt that she was not letting him see the child enough. She told police that she told the man to come to her house to see the child because she didn’t want to drop the child off at his place due to the company he keeps. She said the man came to her house and banged on her door. She said the man was yelling at her from behind the door threatening to shoot her in the head. She showed the officer the video she took. Police could hear the commotion but since the door was kept closed, they could not tell if the man did indeed have a gun on him. The woman said she doesn’t know the man’s exact home address and that his phone is cut off at the moment.

Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

A man reported being shot at for no reason as he walked along Ashmore Road in Hinesville. He said as he walked by a home at 505 Ashmore, he heard someone yell, “There he goes.” He reported that men started chasing after him and he herd several shots from behind him as he ran away. Police interviewed two people at 507 Ashmore road, but both people said they were playing video games while wearing headsets, sot they didn’t hear anything. Police did find shell casings in front of 505 Ashmore. They also notice an open door at the home and went inside. They cleared the house but confiscated a laptop and tablet left inside the home.

Public Drunk

Police were dispatched to Bacon Road to address a man that was visibly intoxicated and falling in the roadway. Police found the man who wreaked of alcohol and had pissed in his pants. The officer said the man appeared confused and kept walking onto the roadway despite being told repeatedly to stay on the grass. The man told officer he served in several military branches and fought in many wars. He also flexed his arm muscles and bragged about his “guns” while gesturing at his arms. Police gave him a courtesy ride home but was also cited. The man said he had more beer inside the house and that he would walk back to the store to get more beer later. Police told the man to not go buy anymore beer at the store and to get help for his drinking.

Simple battery

A woman said her boyfriend grabbed her by the arms and pushed her on the couch. She said while she was held down he grabbed her cell phone out of her hand and left the house, but he later came back and returned the phone. She said she thinks the fight started when she questioned her boyfriend about when he would start, “pulling his weight around the house.” She told police they’ve had fights like this before which required the police and that she no longer wants him at her house.

-Patty Leon

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