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HPD Blotters Jan. 6, 2021

Damage to property 2nd degree Police were dispatched to 804 Veterans Parkway on Dec. 20 where a man informed the officers that someone had smashed the windows of his car and slashed his tires. The man he didn’t know who would have done such a thing but said the apartment complex has two cameras that might have captured who did the damage.

A woman, who was on scene, provided the officers with the apartment Manager’s contact information. The manager said she would be able to provide the officers with the video footage.

Verbal dispute Officers responded to a verbal dispute Dec. 20, at a home on West Oglethorpe Highway. As officers arrived on scene, they reported hearing yelling inside the house. As they approached a man, “John Doe” and a woman “Jane Doe” and her three kids were walking out of the house.

Officers told the couple they could not drive as they both appeared to have been drinking.

Officers reported that John Doe had a bloody lip. When they questioned John Doe, he said he didn’t remember what happened. Jane Doe told the officers that his uncle “More Doe” punched him in the mouth.

John Doe told officers that he had an agreement with More Doe’s roommate, paying $20 a week to stay at the house. He said when More Doe came home, he demanded $50 a week instead and that’s when they started to argue. Officers spoke with Jane

Doe who confirmed the men were fighting about money, but she retracted her previous statement about More Doe punching John Doe in the mouth. Officers spoke with More Doe’s roommate who confirmed he had let John Doe stay at the home for $20 a week. But the roommate said that if John Doe was planning to stay for a longer period of time, he would have to pay $50 a week. The roommate said John Doe didn’t want to pay that much and started spazzing out at More Doe. The men agreed to let John and Jane Doe stay at the house long enough to sober up, but More Doe said he no longer wanted John Doe living in his house.

Criminal trespass A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend was standing behind her Harbor Rain apartment door, unbeknownst to her, and when she opened the door to leave for work, he rushed into the apartment. She told officers he had moved out about seven months ago when they broke up.

She said she asked him to leave but he refused to leave and had brought a puppy, dog food, a bag of groceries and a duffel bag when he barged into her place. Officers spoke to the man who said he lived there and was just returning from being out of town for a funeral. The officer checked with central dispatch and discovered the man actual lived at another Hinesville address. The officers also didn’t find any evidence that the man had any personal belongings at the woman’s residence. The man was told to leave and not come back.

Harassing communications The Hinesville Police Department were the victims

of several harassing calls received at the station from a blocked number. There was a total of three calls on Dec. 20, where the caller said nothing, but pornographic audio was being played over the phone. According to the incident report this is the third incident in three days.

Disorderly conduct A was waiting to get her food at Won Ton’s in Hinesville when she needed to use the restroom. The woman said she knocked on the restroom door and realized there was someone inside, so she went back in line to wait for her food. The woman said that while she was in line, she heard the restroom door open and close. Thinking it was now unoccupied she went and knocked on the restroom door and suddenly a woman came out of the bathroom yelling and screaming at her. The woman said they got into a heat altercation and the other woman pushed her to the floor. The other woman said the lady kept continuously knocking on the bathroom door even though she had already yelled out that the restroom was occupied, and she would be out soon. After more repeated knocking the woman said she opened the bathroom door and they got into an altercation. Police issued citation to both women for disorderly conduct.

-Patty Leon


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