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HPD Blotters for Oct. 21

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

DUI marijuana, Expired tag, misdemeanor possession

Officers stopped a vehicle that made an improper left turn while exiting Oglethorpe Square Shopping Center. The officer had noticed the vehicle had an expired tag. The driver pulled over in the parking lot of Tractor Supply and presented the officer with his license. The officer went to his patrol car and wrote up the citation. When he handed the citation to the driver the officer said he smelled marijuana on the man’s breath. The officer asked the driver if he had marijuana in the car. The driver said yes and admitted he had just smoked some. A second officer was called to the scene to search the car. Officers found suspected marijuana in the car. The driver then failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for DUI. The man was first transported to Liberty Regional Medical Center for a blood draw and then taken to jail.

Simple battery

A female Popeye’s Chicken employee reported that a man threw some type of liquid at her at the drive-thru window. The employee said the customer was irate because someone had gotten his order wrong the prior day. The man kept yelling at the employee and suddenly threw a liquid that smelled like coffee at her and then drove off. 

No Insurance

Police pulled over a drive and his two passengers in front of the Golden Hibachi. The officer had run the tag and found the car had no valid insurance. The officer told the driver he would be cited and the car had to be towed. The officer told the three men to step out of the car and to either leave or wait for the tow truck and a ride home. One of the passengers started to record the officer on his phone and accused the officer or illegally running the car’s tag information. The Officer told this passenger that since the car was not his he was free to go. Instead the guy chose to cuss and threaten the Officer’s safety. That passenger was arrested for disorderly conduct and tumultuous manner toward an officer.

Shots fired

Police responded to a call of shots fired in the vicinity of Pointe South Drive. The complainant told officers that he heard six to seven shots coming from behind his building. The complainant said he saw a car leave the area after the shots were fired. Police found 12.40 caliber shell casings. There was no report of injuries or damages.


A Police officer clocked a vehicle traveling at 58 miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone. The officer stopped the vehicle and asked the male driver for his license. The male driver said he didn’t have a license. The female passenger said it was her car and she was unaware that the male didn’t have a license when she let him drive. The man was arrested and the woman was allowed to drive her car home.

Shoplifting less than $500

A Walmart employee reported that a man, describes as a white male wearing a blue jacket and black bandana, had just stolen a red pair of Nike shoes. The man had walked out the store and police spotted him running into LongHorn Steak House. A woman on the scene said that a man, matching the description had asked to use her phone and told someone to come get him from LongHorn. Officers entered the restaurant and were told the man was seen going into the bathroom. As police entered the bathroom a man walked out averting their look. Police found the blue jacket and red shoes in the garbage and the man was arrested as he attempted to leave the diner. 

The Walmart employee said she wanted to prosecute and was able to verify that the suspect was the man who took the shoes. She was also able to describe the shoes taken before being presented back to her. 

- Patty Leon

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