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Italy honors 3rd ID’s service
Italy First ID
Italian soldiers render honors to the 3rd Infantry Division Dogface Soldiers who served in the Italian Liberation War during the inauguration memorial ceremony dedicated to the Rock of the Marne in Mignano Montelungo, Italy. Photo by Sgt. Michael Udejiofor

By Charles Egan, 3rd Infantry Division.

MIGNANO MONTELUNGO, Italy—The Italian Ministry of Defense honored the 3rd Infantry Division by unveiling a memorial in Migano Montelungo on March 26 for the division’s service in World War II.

The new memorial joins many 3rd Infantry Division tributes available for viewing across the Mignano mountain range. The memorial was placed on the grounds of the Sacrario Militare Italiano di Montelungo only a few months after the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Mignano Pass, where three 3rd Infantry Division soldiers earned the Congressional Medal of Honor and a further fourth earned the Silver Star.

The ceremony featured remarks from the 3rd Infantry Division commanding general, Maj. Gen. Chris Norrie, who reflected on the sacrifice of the soldiers who fought in the battle: “They fought for their Italian, Canadian and British allies with them, for their families so far away from them, and most importantly, for the liberation of Italy from the enemies of freedom.”

The monument is a large travertine boulder with an inlaid plaque written in English and Italian commemorating the soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division. The Society of the Third Infantry Division designed the monument, funded entirely by donations. It was approved for emplacement by the Italian Ministry of Defense’s office for the protection of defense, culture and memory.

“(This monument) was sculpted from the very heart of Italy,” Norrie said..

Despite the inclement weather, multiple senior leaders of the American and Italian militaries, including the deputy director of the office for the protection of defense, culture and memory, the Italian commander of the Joint Force Command-Naples, and multiple current commanders from across the 3rd Infantry Division attended the event.

“Friendships like these produce foundations of trust and cooperation that are as solid as the rock from which this monument was constructed,” Norrie noted “To forget this is to forget why these men sacrificed so much, which is why it is so important that we gather to honor them today.”

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