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LCDA hires firm to devise strategic plan

The Liberty County Development Authority is hoping a new partnership will develop its path for the future.

Members have agreed to hire Boyette Strategic Advisors to put together a strategic plan for the LCDA that includes a competitive positioning analysis for the county in relation to the rest of the region, the state and also globally.

“We talked about our intention to pursue a strategic planning effort that will really give us our road map for the future and hopefully make our decision making going forward so much more efficient,” LCDA CEO Brynn Grant said.

The end result from Boyette Strategic Advisors also will include an incentives guideline process, Grant said.

“I think this is a very good move on our part,” said state Rep. and LCDA chairman Al Williams.

Williams said a friend of his with his Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce recommended Boyette after using the firm and getting results and information they could not have gotten on their own.

Boyette has offices in Atlanta and Little Rock, Arkansas, and was founded by former state deputy commissioner for Industry, Trade and Tourism, now known as the Department of Economic Development, Del Boyette.

After leaving the state position, Boyette worked for Deloitte and eventually formed his own firm to begin economic development and site selection advising.

Grant has known Boyette for more than 20 years, going back to her time as a vice president at the Savannah Economic Development Authority.

“He did a fabulous job as our partner,” she said.

The contract for Boyette Strategic Advisors is $97,000, a number that was far less than what Grant expected. The firm worked with SEDA in developing incentives guidelines, and also conducted two revisions, along with providing similar services to development authorities in Bryan and Bulloch counties.

“So they have a really deep understanding of our region that I think is vital to the work we want to do going forward,” Grant said.

Representatives from Boyette will begin this month and are expected to finish in December. They will meet individually and collectively with LCDA members, along with conducting one-on-one meetings with community leaders. Boyette also will conduct community surveys.

“Aside from the data they will gather, they also will be doing qualitative work as well to understand the thoughts and ideas and opinions of the people who are moving our community,” Grant added.

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