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Candidates challenged in Long County
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Three Long County candidates have had their qualifications to run challenged.

According to Long County Board of Elections Chairwoman Vanessa Cunningham, incumbents Sheriff Craig Nobles and state court Judge Jeffery Arnold along with challenger Deonna Carter have been challenged.

Cunningham said Jacqueline Youmans challenged Arnold, saying he did not meet the residency requirements. On Monday, Arnold said he has lived in the county several years.

“When we have an election everyone has the right to question the credentials of a candidate,” Arnold said. “I welcome that and have no problem with an inquiry being made. However, I do want everyone to know that I have been a permanent resident of Long County for several years now. I’ve voted in two elections. I own property in the county. And I know we’ll get all of this straightened out.”

Nobles, who was elected to succeed his father early this year, also was challenged on his residency by another candidate for sheriff, Darrell Ballance.

The incumbent declined comment. In a recent letter to the editor in the Courier, the sheriff said he does live in the county.
The challenge to tax commissioner candidate Deonna Carter is vague.

“According to what is on the paper, she has been challenged pending charges against her brother,” Cunningham said.

When asked for specifics, she said, “That is all that I have on the matter and it will be reviewed.”

Cunningham said the challenge was by Brooke Manning.

Carter said, “First of all, I don’t even have a brother. Other than that, I have no comment, but I will address it at the hearing.”

Cunningham said the challenges will be reviewed by the board of elections today at 3 p.m.

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