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Long County prepares ballot equipment for election
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Recently, Long County Elections Superintendent Marie Middleton hired a company from Marietta to travel to the courthouse and prepare the ballot equipment for the July 15 election.
Connie Thrift, a technician with Primer Elections Solutions, calibrated, updated and loaded information onto the touch-screen election machines, which county voters will use in the general primary.
According to Middleton, each district in the county requires different ballots, which are loaded onto the machines’ hardware. Once the equipment is loaded and ready, it is locked in a secure location until election day.
To insure the process was done correctly, the Long County Grand Jury appointed members Johnny Gordon, Roy Griggs and Randy Lewis to oversee work done by the contracted company from May 27-29.
In addition to preparing the equipment for the election, a representative from the company will be stationed in Long County with Middleton on the day of the vote to download the machines’ results. Middleton then reports to the state and posts the results of the election.
 “With us having a limited number of employees, and with me being an elected official, it has always been more efficient and better to contract out a company for this,” Middleton said.
 “We have used them for a number of years, and they always do a good job,” Middleton said. “It also is good to have members of the Grand Jury on hand so that the public can know what is going on.”
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