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Man lucky to be alive after shots are fired in his direction.
shooting at store

A Hinesville man was the apparent target, with a motive yet to be known, when a male suspect discharged a gun in his direction, more than once, while exiting a service station in the 1000 block of West Oglethorpe Highway shortly after 7 p.m. Jan 13.

According to an incident report filed by Hinesville Police Officer, Calah Colvin, officers responded to a call of shots being fired and found several shell casings scattered throughout the parking lot.

The victim, who said he was shot at but not hit, had already left the scene but met with officers and detectives at his Hinesville residence.

The victim told authorities he had stopped off to purchase some lottery tickets. When he pulled into the parking lot he noticed two men sitting in a burgundy Buick LaCrosse parked by the fuel pumps.  He said the men were watching him.

After purchasing his tickets the man said he exchanged words with one of the men sitting in the car. He told officers that he asked him if they had a problem, but there was no reply.

The man said he got into his car but noticed the two males were still looking in his direction. He stepped out of his car and again asked them if they had a problem. He reported that the men began saying something but he wasn’t able to hear them clearly.

He told the officers that he got back into his car and attempted to leave when the driver of the Buick blocked him in. He attempted to go around their vehicle when one of the men started to say something to him. Unable to hear the victim reported that he rolled down his window and asked the guy what the problem was.

According to the report the victim looked away when he noticed the Buick pulled forward from where it was sitting. He said when he looked back at the man, he saw that the man was reaching for a gun he had behind his back.

The victim reported that the man fired a shot in his direction which missed him. As he stared at the man in disbelief the man fired another round at him which hit the hood of his vehicle.

The victim drove his vehicle around the Buick and the victim reported he was shot at again while turning onto West Oglethorpe Highway.

When the man arrived home he noticed a bullet hole on the hood of his vehicle. The man called police to report what had occurred. Hinesville Police Detective Kevin Remillard is the lead detective on the case. Authorities are looking for a slim black male with long dreads,  about 5-feet, 6-inches tall a short full beard and wearing blue jeans and a red zip up hoodie.

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