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Midway moves to improve Edgewater Drive
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The Midway city council decided Monday to extend their project to repair and improve Edgewater Drive, the severely potholed street that leads to Midway Middle School and Liberty Elementary School as well as some subdivisions.

Midway had planned to work on 1,000 linear feet of the street, but at their Monday meeting Mayor Levern Clancy told the council that adding another 600 feet to the project would include almost all of the potholes. The council agreed and decided to ask for new bids on 1,600 feet of Edgewater.

Particularly when school is in session Edgewater is a source of many complaints about the potholes, crumbling pavement and other problems as school buses and parents use the street.

Midway Police Chief Kelly Morningstar told the council she was continuing to study the use-of-force policy, using models from other jurisdictions. The chief also briefed the council on the possible adoption of a new police uniform including use of polo-style shirts with all nametags, badges and other items sewed on the shirts. This would replace pin-on items that are subject to breakage, Morningstar said, and will be more economical.

Utility cutoffs for unpaid bills are resuming in Midway. Cutoffs had been suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The council reappointed Rosemary Brown was reappointed to represent Midway on the Liberty County library board.

The routine annual agreement between Midway and Liberty County Emergency Management Agency was approved. EMA and local jurisdictions agree to help each other when needed.

Midway officials are examining a water rate analysis from the Georgia Rural Water Association. They plan to make rate adjustments at their August meeting.

Qualifying for candidates in Midway’s special election will be open  August 17-19. The November election will choose a replacement for Councilman T. Gerald Lee who resigned in June. 

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