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Midway progress marked in meters - water meters
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Midway residents are seeing some of their city’s progress as a contractor installs about 900 new water meters.
The city contracted with United Utilities to replace the meters and MatchPoint, A.M.R. Installation Specialists, is doing the installation.
The company will replace all of the old manual read meters with state-of-the-art radio read meters.
“Some of the meters still in use were installed 30-plus years ago and are about 20 years past due for replacement,” Mayor Don Emmons said. “They are mechanical and simply wear out over time. Unfortunately, as the meters age, they wear out, they slow down and tend to record less usage than actual.”
The new meters will not only ensure the accurate water usage but are expected to eliminate the occasional reading errors associated with manual reading.
“It will make no difference whether the meters are covered with water, sand or fire ants,  the new units will read accurately,” Emmons said.  
The computer software that is used to manage the city’s water and wastewater utility will also be updated.
The meter readings will be downloaded directly into a computer, that, in turn, calculates and generates the utility bills.
Midway officials say they are looking forward to the new system, as it will eliminate all the input errors and manual calculation problems that have been experienced in the past.
“We want our customers to be aware they may experience a slight increase in the their utility bills,” Emmons said. “The increase — if any — will be a direct result of the improved accuracy of the new meters ... There are no rate increases related to the meter replacement project.”
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