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Soldiers from 3rd ID Headquarters, Fort Stewart to deploy
200 soldiers headed to Afghanistan
Marne patch

The Department of Defense announced Tuesday that the 3rd Infantry Division Headquarters will deploy to Afghanistan next month to assume their role as the U.S. Forces Afghanistan National Security Element.  The deployment will include a supporting element in Qatar and a liaison in Kuwait. Approximately 200 Soldiers are scheduled for the 12-month deployment in support of the Resolute Support Mission.

 The International Security Assistance Force, also known as ISAF, is currently in the process of transitioning to the Resolute Support Mission.

 The mission will focus on maturing the Afghan National Security Forces’ processes and systems to ensure long-term sustainability. This goal will be achieved through a functionally-based train, advise and assist framework. The program will focus on institutions and systems that include force generation, resourcing and budgeting, medical and maintenance logistics, and intelligence capabilities; all necessary to sustain a modern army and police force.

 “As the Afghans grow more capable, the support provided by ISAF, soon to be called Resolute Support, will decrease proportionately,” said Maj. Gen. Mike Murray, 3rd Infantry Division Commander. “The Resolute Support mission will focus on training, advising and assisting at higher echelons. We will no longer be the force conducting patrols at the brigade level for example. We look forward to joining the team in Afghanistan and doing our part to ensure the ANSF are left a more capable force, and to solidify the incredible gains of those who have served and sacrificed before us.”

 The division headquarters will be part of the mandated 9,800 U.S. troop limit that takes effect January 1st, 2015.  Managing the retrograde of equipment and redeployment of personnel to meet future mandates will be one of the primary focal points of the mission.

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