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Motorcyclist Killed on I-95
motorcyclist killed

A motorcyclist traveling southbound on I-95 near mile marker 77 was killed when a nearby lightning strike caused him to lose control of the motorcycle.


According to Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Dennis Poulsen, the man was traveling with his brother, on separate motorcycles, on I-95 shortly before 5 p.m. According to the man’s brother a nearby lighting strike caused his brother to veer into the shoulder of the interstate hitting a guardrail. The man flipped over the guardrail and landed in the grassy area.

The motorcycle continued to drive along the guardrail, eventually crossing the three lanes of I-95 where it stopped. No other vehicle was involved.


Poulsen said the man’s brother went to render aid to his brother who was unresponsive. The man was later pronounced dead at the scene.


Georgia State Patrol Trooper, Johnaton Edwards, who is investigating the accident said the man’s body will be taken to the GBI crime lab where an autopsy will be conducted to determine the exact cause of death.


Poulsen said the brothers who reside in Ohio had left North Carolina enroute to Florida. They had gotten caught in the heavy rain and we’re trying to make it to an overpass bridge to seek shelter until the rain passed.

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