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Black seas bass is the catch of the day
Tight Line column
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Hello, folks. Tight Line Jr. here, and it seems that black seas bass is the fish of the day. Here are just a few reports from around the coastal empire.

Lori Moody was out fishing with Reggie Woods and Greg and Susan Yawn when they netted 12 nice sheepshead and 12 black sea bass.

Wes Thomas and Pete Lynn caught 4 sheepshead and 12 black sea bass.

Concrete Lance, Morris Shoe, Buddy Powell and Rob Bragg were out fishing and caught the limit on black sea bass and six vermillion snapper.

Bill and Damian Wentz were fishing with Eric Nielsen and James and Syrus Malone and landed 23 black seas bass. That is pretty good for New Yorkers.

Troy Fitzgerald, Scott German and Walter landed 25 vermillion snapper and 10 black sea bass.

Yellow Bluff reports having fiddlers, live shrimp and minnows. Sunbury Crab Co. and Marina reports having fresh frozen bait and live minnows.

Don’t forget to log on to visit and sign the petition to make redfish a game fish in Georgia.

Well, remember what Ole’ Tight Line says and get out there and go fishing. And if you do, always remember to keep a tight line. I always say hit the docks, keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down.



Your buddy,

Tight Line Jr.

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