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Fishing, fundraising keeping coast busy
Tight Line column
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Ole’ Tight Line and Tight Line Jr., send out greeting to all the fellow anglers. There are plenty of fish in the river and the dock tour had folks landing croakers, black sea bass, black drum, sheepshead and some spottail bass, so dock on folks.

I have a few reports from Rudy, at the Sunbury Country Store and from around the coastal area.

Capt. Jake Horton and Nat Branson headed out for two days of fishing and landed 14 trout and 10 spot tail bass on day one and 19 trout and 8 spot tail bass on day two.

Dylan Iler and Bo Auddosy netted an 18-, 23- and 35-pound king fish.

Ricky Phillips and Wendell Davis caught 8 spot tail bass ranging from 19-22-inches in length. Roger ‘the bug man’ Schofill and Angela Porter caught 30 trout and 10 spot tail bass.

Kyle, Grason, Lamar and Kevin Carter netted 25 whiting with Kevin and Lamar manning the nets.

Carvey McCartney and David Thomas had 24 whiting and two trout deck side.

Rayburn and John at Yellow Bluff report having live and refrigerated shrimp and live minnows. Barney, Clay and Joe, from the Sunbury Crab Company and Marina report having live shrimp and minnows. Halfmoon reports having live shrimp. Come out and see me at the Kiss-A-Pig bartending fundraiser at Sunbury Crab Company on May 23. It’s a $5 donation to come in and have a good time raising money for Diabetes.

Remember what Ole’ Tight Line says and get out there and go fishing. And if you do, always remember to keep a tight line.

I always say hit the docks, keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down.


Your friend,

Tightline Jr.

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