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Alleged teen's sexting leads to extortion attempt

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Accidentally injury, hit and run: From a May 1 report comes this odd tale from a victim, a garbage truck driver and another person, who is listed simply as "other."

The driver said he was driving down Jackson Street when his coworker signaled him to stop. The driver "stated the garbage truck got hung up in the power line which caused the utility pole to lean into the roadway. (The driver) advised there was no damage to the truck."

The victim said she was walking to the doctor’s office from Booker Street when she saw the garbage truck stopped near some trash cans and "began to walk into the street," the report said, "when the power dropped she said it hit her in the head and knocked her glasses off."

The officer noticed a read spot on her forehead and cheek and asked her if she needed to go the hospital, and she "advised she was headed to the doctor and would have them see her in reference to this incident as well."

She got a case number.

The officer then spoke with "other," who said he lives on Jackson Street and around 10 p.m. the night before heard "a loud crash" that he believes was caused by someone hitting the power pole "and believes the damage to the pole was a result of that crash."

The officer checked the pole and "observed streaks of green paint as well as damage to a smaller white pole which was located on the same side as the paint."

Georgia power was called and the officer helped wave traffic around until he was no longer needed.

Damage to property: A man went to HPD on May 1 to report his car was damaged by a local car wash. "(He) further explained that his rear bumper was torn off by his vehicle by the machines (the business) uses to clean vehicles. He said that he asked the manager and employees what happened and they could not explain how the bumper was damaged."

During the officer’s investigation, the complainant said "his bumper was previously damaged and that he uses two screws and zip ties to keep it secured to the vehicle."

The man said the bumper had been that way since 2013. The officer couldn’t check out the damage "due to (the owner) leaving the vehicle at the incident site." The officer gave him a case number.

Disturbance: An officer was sent May 2 to the Wells Fargo Bank regarding a customer who wouldn’t leave. There, he met the bank manager and the customer as the manager was telling the customer the balance in her bank account.

"Each time (the manager) would explain the banking statement, (the customer) would not listen, speak to someone who was not in the room, and then start to speak in a foreign language. This continued for several minutes until I too told (the customer) that her math was wrong and her balance is what (the manager) was telling her."

"(The customer) said that I was not a real policeman and that I was from Fort Stewart. This continued for several more minutes until (the manager) asked (the customer) if she wanted her account closed and she said yes."

But, the woman wanted what she thought she had in the bank, not what she actually had in her account, and eventually the officer asked the manager if she wanted the customer to leave and was told yes.

The officer then tried to explain that to the customer, who "said I was not the police and would not leave," the report said. "I asked several more times, but she did not leave."

The officer tried to physically get the woman out of a chair but she refused, and eventually the officer cuffed her and took her to his car.

"Once the handcuffs were on (the customer) she calmed down and I did not have any further problems with her."

The officer then called for backup so another officer could watch the customer while he spoke with bank employees, both of whom said they didn’t want the woman to go to jail, but they also didn’t want her back in the bank.

Finally, the bank manager called the customer’s husband, and he said he’d come to pick her up. He told police his wife was suffering "from a mental disorder and requested me to escort her to the hospital on Fort Stewart."

The officer got permission from a lieutenant and gave the woman a ride to Winn Army Community Hospital.

Extortion: Be careful out there on that thing called the Internet. A man went to HPD April 30 to say he met a "female on an adult website (called Plenty of Fish)" who was posting as "Roslynf" a 19-year-old from Hinesville .

"(The victim) said the (woman) provided him with a cell phone number … (and) while texting (her) she automatically sent him an inappropriate picture... (He) said he did not request any picture … (and) asked her why did she send an inappropriate picture … and he received no valid response."

The victim said he did, however, get a phone call a few minutes later from a man who told him the woman he was texting was actually a 15-year-old girl and "he was going to report him to the authorities."

The victim said after he tried to explain, the man said "he can try and stop his wife from reporting the incident if he pays them ($1,000)."

The familiar scam followed, with the man in this case telling the victim to buy two $500 Moneypak cards from CVS and then text the information to him. The victim said he went straight to CVS and bought the cards and forwarded the information to the phone number.

The next day, the man got a phone call from a person "posing as a detective" and then another from a person posing as the "teen’s father," telling him to continue "checking in until this matter has been resolved."

The man said he blocked the call after discovering it was a scam. He gave the phone numbers and receipts for the cards to the officer.

Aggravated assault: Police were sent to a Eunice Road address May 6 after a woman reported that someone shot at her car and shattered the rear window.

The woman met the reporting officer at HPD and said she thought she might’ve been hit in the arm, but there were no signs of injury.

She and a friend told police they were visiting a friend at Summerwind Condos and left there to go get some alcohol. As they drove through the parking lot the driver noticed a white car following them.

"(The driver) said she turned right off Brett Drive onto Eunice Road and then traveled south toward South Main Street. The white vehicle then drove close to the bumper of her vehicle and they heard 4-5 shots and her rear window shattered. The suspect vehicle then passed them, turned left onto South Main Street, and sped away at a high rate of speed."

The driver said she and her passenger switched places and drove straight to HPD. Police are investigating.

Assist citizen: An officer was dispatched May 7 to a Java Court address and met with a woman who said "a friend of her fiancé … tampered with their truck by unplugging items under the hood and now the truck will not start. The friend … was on scene and he plugged in whatever he had tampered with under the hood of the vehicle, but the truck still would not stay running. They all stated they mess with each other’s vehicles and this as a prank gone bad. (The friend) said he would help them fix the truck because (the fiancé) was his friend."

Simple battery: Sometimes it seems people are getting meaner by the minute. Tuesday, a Dairy Queen employee reported she was taking orders at the drive through window when "she heard a female in a silver truck … at the drive through window calling her a ‘bitch,’ and the female asked her husband in the driver’s seat why (the employee) was looking at her. The female proceeded to throw the ‘Blizzard’ ice cream at (the employee, who told the officer she didn’t know why the woman was angry)."

The officer noted he saw "possible ice cream spatter on the (employee’s) work uniform."

The officer explained warrant procedures and then talked to the woman in the silver pickup. "She stated she was upset at (the employee) for forgetting the tops to the ice cream cups then ignoring her. She admitted she threw the ice cream."

The officer also noted "an ice cream stain on the driver’s shirt … and on the driver’s side of the truck."

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