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Burglar may have left cell phone at scene
Hinesville PD blotters for Jan. 21

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

Dec. 24
Prowling/peeping Tom — A resident on Rebecca Street reported someone had been standing at one of her windows looking in at her. She said she screamed at him to get out of her window and the person moved. She said she then called 911, locked all her doors and called her father. Upon investigation, police found footprints by the window which corroborated her story.

Burglary, forced entry — HPD responded to an alarm at a Bannon Court residence. Upon arrival, an officer saw a man run from the residence and jump the privacy fence. The officer stated he lost sight of the suspect and called for backup to clear the residence.
Upon investigation, officers found the back door unsecured. A cellphone had been left on top of a TV in the residence, and officers were able to determine the phone’s owner via the phone’s Facebook app.
Officers also confirmed with the residence’s owner that the cellphone did not belong to him, and that there was a gun in the home. Officers secured the weapon with the home-owner’s permission.

Dec. 26
Shots fired — An officer conducting a house check off of Demere Street heard gunshots.
Central dispatch informed him that an anonymous caller said the shots came from Raintree Apartments.
Officers questioned people at the complex but no one had heard anything. Officers found eight .45-caliber shell casings in the area, but found no bullet holes.

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