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Couple says they were swindled
Long County crime report
crime scene

A female allegedly ruined a Long County couple’s holiday recently when they said she stole from them after they helped her.  
The couple told Ludowici Police Department Chief Robert Poppell that on Dec. 6, they saw a woman who needed a ride at the Walmart in Jesup. The woman, who was described as a black woman in her 20s, asked the couple to give her a ride to Ludowici. The husband and wife said that they would and dropped her off at the Flash Food in Ludowici.
After the woman had left, the wife discovered that her wallet was missing. Poppell said that in addition to the wallet, the wife believed the woman got away with her bank cards, a Social Security card, driver’s license and some cash.
Poppell said that the suspect remains at large.
In another Christmas-related incident, Poppell said officers responded Dec. 7 to an altercation between two women over broken Christmas decorations at a home on Cherokee Street.  
Poppell said a mother had spanked her children for breaking some decorations. Apparently, the children’s grandmother felt that the mother was being unreasonable, and an argument ensued between her and her daughter. According to witnesses, Poppell said, both parties used profanity in front of the kids. Poppell said both were warned of their misconduct in front of the children, were separated and given warnings.
Poppell said that on Dec. 11, a reported dog attack took place on Academy Street a little after 9 p.m. He said that reportedly, two white males were walking along the street with a white-and-black spotted dog. A juvenile, who also was walking on the road, said that the two males ordered the dog to attack him. The minor said that as the dog chased him, he ran into his house. At that time, the mother reported the incident to the police department. An officer responded to the address and searched for the two men and the dog, but found none of them in the area.
Poppell said that anyone who has information about the alleged thief or dog attack can call the LPD at 545-2222. He also said that during the holidays, people need to be careful when coming in contact with strangers.
“If you have to be out after dark, walk with a friend. There is power in numbers,” the chief said. “Juveniles would fare best if a parent or an approved adult would pick them up during nighttime hours. If you choose to allow strange people in your vehicle to give them a ride, be aware of their movements and actions. Also, hide your money, wallets or items of value before you allow them into your car.”

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