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Extortion attempts fail
Hinesville PD blotter for Aug. 15

Recent reports filed by Hinesville Police officers include:

Accidental damage — A woman getting her car washed on Court Street reported July 30 that an awning at the car wash fell onto her car and shattered her back window.

"The employee of the car wash … pointed out the area of the awning that fell onto (the woman’s) vehicle. A slab of concrete which looks like there are shells mixed in is what fell and I observed about a 5 foot area that was missing from the awning," an officer reported.

The woman said the business owner agreed to pay her deductible.

Suspicious acts — A Walberg Drive woman reported July 30 that someone damaged her front porch. The woman said "she had a hanging planter, which had plant material and no dirt in it, on her front porch. She remembered seeing it approximately 6 p.m. July 19 and discovered the plant material missing and damage to her front porch at approximately 8 a.m. July 20. (The woman) stated she decided to report it after speaking with her landlord."

An officer checked the damage, and saw "a wire mesh planter with burnt plant material inside the garage. The damage to the front porch is where the planter used to be located and still had the hook used to hang the planter. There was moderate fire damage to the vinyl soffit and fascia of the porch, which still had black smut on it. There appeared to be melted metal on the concrete of the porch and the mulch in front of the porch appeared to have been burnt."

The officer took photos of the damage and gave the woman a case number.

Accidental shot fired — An officer was sent July 31 to a report of shots fired at Berkshire Terrace. There, the officer met with a man who said he was cleaning his "Draco AK-47" pistol and accidentally fired a single round.

The victim said he heard the bullet hit inside his apartment, but the only damage was to the walls. The bullet went from the weapon through the gun owner’s bed headboard, out a window, through an outside wall of the complainant’s apartment, through a bedroom wall and bathroom wall and then "coming to rest in the kitchen."

The officer got the casing from the gun owner’s bedroom and a bullet fragment from the complainant’s bathtub, the report said. Both items were placed into evidence.

Simple assault — An officer was sent July 31 to HPD to talk with three people who said a woman in the parking lot of a Highway 84 convenience store "was threatening (one of the women) with a baseball bat because she was given (the other two people) a ride because of the rain," a report said.

The women said they felt threatened and drove away, but the suspect followed them as far as HPD. The three gave police the suspect’s name and nickname and said they thought she was about 52.

The officer explained warrant procedures, and tried to find the woman but couldn’t.

Theft by extortion — A man went to HPD on Aug. 1 to report a woman he’d had an affair with was threatening to "expose the affair unless he paid her $3,000."

The man showed text messages from the woman asking for the money by 5 p.m. She sent another message and called the man while he was talking to police, and an officer spoke to her and told her what she was doing was a crime.

The woman said she was unaware that it was a crime and "was acting out of emotions," the report said. She agreed not to contact him or "act on her threat to expose the affair."

The man was told how to get a warrant.

Attempt to commit theft by extortion — A man went to HPD on Aug. 1 to report a woman was trying to extort money from him by claiming she had film of the two of them having sex. The man said the incident started when he got a friend request on Facebook from a woman he thought he may have known at Fort Riley. He accepted the request, and then she messaged him asking him to video chat on Skype with her.

The man did so, and then her screen went black and he hung up. He later had "sexual Skype relations" with his wife, the report said, and "the day after video chatting with his wife," the suspect contacted him to tell him she had video of him "doing sexual acts." The man said the suspect" replaced the footage of his wife with herself so that it would look like he was with her instead of his wife.

The suspect then demanded $800 through Western Union and if he didn’t pay up she would send the videos to his wife, family and to Army web pages, the report said.

The man was told not to send money or speak with her. He was given a case number.

Criminal trespass — An officer was sent to Walberg Drive around 9 a.m. Aug. 3 after a woman who reported a neighbor told her there was a man in her yard picking her flowers. The woman said she stepped outside and saw a man in a red shirt and khaki pants picking her flowers. The officer noted the flowers were "well within (the woman’s) property."

The woman told the officer she yelled at the man and he walked away. She said she’d seen the same man the day before opening up other people’s mailboxes. She doesn’t know the man but believes he lives on the same street. The officer tried to meet with the man but had no luck.

The woman said she’d call police again if she sees the man.

Recovered stolen weapon — An officer went to the Sandy Run Recycling Station on Aug. 4 because a handgun was found there by workers.

The weapon, a North American Arms stainless steel mini-revolver, or revolving derringer, was partially loaded with three .22 caliber rounds, and was found in a plastic bag under a bush near a fence separating the recycling station from Ray Futch Apartments.

The officer checked the serial number and learned the gun had been reported stolen in Ludowici. The gun was taken to HPD before being returned to the owner.

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