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Fight at convenience store draws police
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Nov. 23

Recent reports filed with the the Liberty County Sheriff's office include:

Nov. 7
• Failure to obey traffic-control device — A man who failed to stop at a traffic light at the intersection of West Hendry and Gen. Screven Way was pulled over. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer smelled alcohol and asked the driver if he’d been drinking. The man said he had. The officer conducted a field-sobriety test before reading the implied-consent law. The man consented to a breath-alcohol test. The test indicated his BAC to be 0.05 percent. The man was issued a citation for failure to obey a traffic-control device and released.
• Investigate suspicious person — Officers were dispatched to a hair salon on E.G. Miles Parkway after a complainant reported a man sitting in a parked car in the parking lot had touched himself inappropriately while watching ladies in the salon. The complainant said the man also went in and out of the salon a couple of times.
Responding officers spoke to the man, who denied the allegations and said that he was there for a haircut. He said that after he entered the salon and saw the crowded lobby, he decided against getting a haircut and went outside to text his daughter. A background scan on the man revealed that he is a registered sex offender.

Nov. 8
• Battery — An officer responded to a fight at Clyde’s Market on South Main Street. The complainant said that he was in the store when a man began making insulting comments about him. He said the two began to argue until the suspect left the building. The complainant said he made his purchase and exited the store, but the suspect re-entered the store at the same time. The door the suspect opened hit the complainant in his shoulder, which is permanently disabled from military service. The suspect then exited the store again, and the two continued arguing. The complainant turned his back at one point and was struck on the left ear. A friend of the suspect’s tried to intervene, but the suspect wanted to fight him too so the friend backed off. The suspect then punched the complainant in the face before fleeing the scene.

Nov. 10
• Criminal trespass — A Liberty County Recreation Department employee reported that the concession stand at James Brown Park was broken into. The employee found a window on the door broken out and the door ajar. The employee said nothing was taken.

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