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Firearm stolen out of vehicle
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Aug. 26

Reports recently filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office include:

July 27

Driving while license suspended or revoked (misdemeanor), weaving over roadway, obstruction of law-enforcement officer — An officer was driving east on E.G. Miles Parkway near Arcadia Drive when he saw a gray Pontiac sedan weaving on the road.

A traffic stop was initiated, and the driver was asked for his license. He provided identification, and while the officer returned to his patrol car to run the card, the driver ran into a wooded area behind homes on Estate Drive.

The deputy stopped chasing the driver after losing sight on him in the woods.

Dispatch informed the officer that the driver’s license was currently suspended and that the man was wanted. The car was eventually towed away.

July 30

Matter of record — A woman who lives along Isle of Wight Road told an officer that she was receiving harassing text messages from a woman who lives behind her on the property.

They made agreements over who was going to do what on the property. The complainant said her neighbor told her to move her car before something happened to it while she was cutting grass.

However, the neighbor isn’t supposed to cut the grass, per the agreement.

Harassing phone calls — A man complained of receiving harassing texts from a female next-door neighbor.

They began to exchange phone calls and texts. Because of the increasing number of calls and texts, issues with age difference and her being estranged from her husband, the man told her to stop all contact. He texted her, “Stop calling. I’m not coming over. End of story. Non-negotiable.” After that, he received 22 messages from the neighbor. When asked, the woman said that she did receive the text asking her to stop and admitted to making contact with him afterward. She said that she was under a lot of pressure the past few weeks and just wanted to apologize to him.

The woman said that she deleted his contact information and will not contact him anymore.

Harassing phone calls — A woman recently moved to Midway to get away from her harassing ex-boyfriend. She left her Savannah apartment to move in with her mother.

She has filed several reports of harassment against her ex with the Savannah Police Department and is trying to get a temporary protective order against him with Chatham County. She feels that his harassment is escalating, and she fears that he may hurt her.
Since her move to Liberty County, her ex has been calling her cellphone, her mother’s cellphone and home phone at all times of the night. She has told him to stop calling, but he continues to call and text.

She informed the officer that he drives a cream-colored Ford Explorer, a 2007-10 model and asked them to watch out for his vehicle around Lake George.

Entering automobile — A couple informed an officer that their registered firearm was discovered missing from their vehicle. The last time they saw the weapon was July 19, when they placed it in the vehicle’s glove box before the church service.

They said the vehicle is always locked, and they saw no signs of damage to the doors or window. The vehicle also is parked in the garage at night. Earlier that day, before the officer was dispatched, the wife took the vehicle to a local auto-repair service at 11:30 a.m. She picked up the car at 1:30 p.m. and ran some errands.

She got a weird feeling and looked in the glove box to find the weapon missing. The weapon was purchased on Fort Stewart, and a detective was briefed.

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