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Hinesville man charged with cutting off dog's tail
Officers take Steven Dobbs into custody Wednesday night after his neighbor's pit pull puppy's tail was cut off. - photo by Lewis Levine

A Hinesville man charged with mutilating his neighbor’s dog was granted bond Friday.

A Liberty County magistrate judge set bond for Steven Dobbs at $2,500 for the felony cruelty to an animal charge and $10,000 for a manufacturing marijuana charge. Dobbs posted the bond and was released from jail.

Hinesville police Officer Wilson Rodriquez said he and Officer Jerry Britting responded to a call of a dog being mutilated in the 700 block of Peggy Sue Street on Tuesday evening.

When Rodriquez arrived, the dog’s owner, Johnathon Jones, 26, told the officer that he had asked Dobbs, his neighbor, around 2 p.m. Tuesday if he could watch his dog. Dobbs took the pit bull puppy to his home across the street.

When Jones arrived at Dobbs’ home around
7:30 p.m. Tuesday, he banged on the door asking for his dog. Jones asked Dobbs if he had seen his dog.

According to a police incident report, Dobbs told Jones, “I cut your dog’s tail off. The ears are next.”

Jones said he thought Dobbs was joking at first. The dog was not at Dobbs’ residence, according to the report, and made its way back home to Jones’ home. Jones immediately noticed that the dog’s tail was cut off to approximately half of its original size, and he called 911 to report the mutilation.

Rodriquez and Britting went to Dobbs’ residence to inquire about the dog’s injury. According to the report, Dobbs told the officers Jones had given him the dog and he did not cut its tail off. The officers noticed what appeared to be blood on the floor of the carport, and they informed Dobbs they were going to film as they followed the trail. The trail of blood led to a trash bin, and the officers found what appeared to be a dog’s tail, according to the police report.

Around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, officers from the Hinesville Police Department and the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office surrounded Dobbs’ home and banged on his door, demanding that he come out. After several minutes, Dobbs emerged from the carport door and was immediately placed under arrest and charged with felony cruelty to an animal.

Hinesville police Detective Kyle Larimore, who is investigating the mutilation, swore out the warrant for Dobbs’ arrest.

Larimore said the dog was taken to a veterinarian and is expected to recover. The detective added that several plants believed to be marijuana were found in Dobbs’ home, leading to the manufacturing marijuana charge.

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