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Hinesville Police blotter for Feb. 9
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Pafford Street

Police saw a young man who had a previous arrest and a suspended driver’s license charge standing next to his mother’s vehicle. Police later saw the man driving the vehicle and stopped him. The man’s mother was a passenger, and got out and approached the officer. The officer asked her to get back in the vehicle but she refused. The man began to get out and was also asked to remain in the vehicle, but approached the officer. As the man approached the officer, his mother got back in and drove away. An altercation ensued between the officer and the man. The officer was scratched on his neck, face and hands. Another officer chased the vehicle and fought with her while trying to arrest her. Both suspects were peppered sprayed, subdued and arrested. The second officer was also scratched, sprained a wrist and his glasses were damaged. The vehicle was impounded.
Theft by taking
Taylor Road

A complainant reported a neighbor visited to complain about not having enough money to pay her bills. The neighbor then asked if she could use the bathroom. The complainant reported that after a little time she checked on her neighbor and she saw her coming out of a bedroom. The neighbor was holding her hands over her pockets and said she had to leave. The complainant then checked her room and found all her silver dollars and other antique silver coins missing. Police spoke with the neighbor who denied the incident and said she had not visited her neighbor since November. Police told complainant about warrants and restraining orders.
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