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Hinesville Police blotter for March 24
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• March 4, Statutory rape, 302 W. Gen. Stewart Way
A West General Stewart Way woman told police her underage daughter was the victim of statutory rape by a man she met on the Internet. The man allegedly picked up the woman’s daughter at a Guyton address and brought the girl to his apartment in Hinesville, according to the police report. The woman told police the man and several of his friends allegedly had sex with her daughter.

Simple assault, unruly juvenile, 465 Coates Road
A Coates Road man made a complaint on a student for a simple assault and unruly juvenile, according to the Hinesville Police Department. The man told police when he escorted a student to an in-school suspension at a high school, the student “began to act belligerent” and used profane language. He said the student threatened to hit him, according to the police report. HPD reported a school staff member witnessed the incident.

• March 8
Battery, robbery, criminal attempt, 726 E. Oglethorpe Highway

Police responded to a hospital emergency room about a battery that occurred in a local motel. The victim told police a woman he met on Fort Stewart called him and asked to “hang out” with him at his hotel room.
After arriving at his room, the woman said she wanted a drink and left to get a soda at the motel’s soda machine, according to the police report. When she returned, she did not have a drink and left the door to the victim’s room open, he told police. Two men entered the victim’s room and began to kick him in the face and head. While he was fending off his alleged attackers, the woman rummaged through the victim’s room presumably looking for money. The victim said the men and the woman fled his room, without taking anything.

• March 8-9
Terroristic threats, 1144 S. Main St.

A South Main Street woman told police her son received a threatening text message from an unknown phone number. The woman said the text was likely related to her son’s break-up with a former girlfriend, according to the police report.  The mother told police her son’s ex-girlfriend had called her and then stopped by the home earlier that day. After the ex-girlfriend left, the woman texted her and asked her to not come by again.
Later that day, the woman’s son received the first threatening text message, according to the report. The woman told police when she called the unknown phone number someone answered and then hung up. She then texted the number stating she would report them to the police. The woman then received a profane texted response, according to the report.
Her son changed his phone number. The next day, the woman received a threatening text message, which she also reported to the police.

• March 9

Harassing communication, 730 E. Oglethorpe Highway
A Mill Pond Road woman told police a co-worker’s boyfriend called the restaurant where she works several times using abusive language. The woman said the boyfriend threatened to hurt a cook who works there and damage her car, according to the police report. She became frightened and hung up the phone, according to the police report.
The woman told police another co-worker said the boyfriend called back and threatened to damage her car also. Police advised the woman to call 911 if the boyfriend comes onto the property.

• March 10

Battery (FVA), simple battery (FVA), cruelty to child third degree (FVA). 207 Glenn Bryant Road
A  Glenn Bryant Road woman told police her young daughter witnessed a violent dispute between her and a man with whom she had been having a relationship. The man reportedly had a knife but left before officers arrived. The woman said the man pushed her down and out of the house, and hit her numerous times with a closed fist to the left side of her face, mouth and neck. Police reported the woman had swelling to her face and bottom lip and marks on her neck.

Unruly juvenile, 208 Shipman Ave.

A teacher told police a child who had been reprimanded for misbehaving in the classroom charged her, hitting her several times about the head and body. The child’s parents and Juvenile Justice were notified, according to the police report.

Discharging a firearm in the city, 634 E. Oglethorpe Highway
A Hinesville police officer responded to a call of shots being fired. The officer spoke with an East Oglethorpe Highway homeowner who told the officer he had not fired any weapons that night. The homeowner admitted to firing a .22 caliber rifle in the air the night before, according to the police report.
The homeowner told police his friend might have shot a rifle that night but had left the area. The officer reported there were several plastic containers in the yard with bullet holes in them.

Theft by taking, 920 Long Fraser Drive
A teacher at a local elementary school told police a student took a cell phone and unknown amount of cash from her purse during lunch detention. Police reported the child was upset and planned to return the items later in the day. The teacher said she wanted to file a report but not press criminal charges, according to the police report. The mother of the child was notified.

Theft of services, 115 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Police were notified that a man was taking water from a fire hydrant without a water meter attached to it. The man told police the company he works for had a meter through the city but that it was at the company’s shop. He said the company was given permission to draw the water without the meter by a county inspector, according to the police report. The man told police the hose was only hooked up for a short period of time and could not provide the amount of water drawn without the meter. Police confirmed the company does have a meter through the city.

• March 11, Suspicious acts, EG Miles Parkway and Palm Drive
Hinesville police found an injured Gibson Street man lying in the roadway. The man was unconscious and his head was bloody, police reported. In addition, he had a large knot visible on his forehead, according to the police report. EMS and first responders treated the man while officers searched for witnesses.
A witness told police he saw the man stagger across Highway 196 and fall onto the road where the man hit his head hard. The witness said he signaled an approaching car to alert the driver to the man in the road, according to the report.  Police reported the man’s identification was found in his wallet and that he was incoherent and smelled strongly of alcohol. EMS took the man to a hospital.

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