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Hinesville Police blotter for Oct. 25
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Sept. 19: Burglary, forced entry — An HPD officer was dispatched to an apartment complex in Regency Plaza regarding a burglary. The officer met with the site supervisor of company renovating the apartments. He told the officer his men left 10 100-pound bags of recyclable copper and 21 air-conditioner regulators on the floor of a vacant apartment.  He ensured the apartment doors were locked when they left at 5:30 p.m. When they returned at 7:30 a.m., the materials were gone.  The officer found a broken bedroom window. The copper is valued at $2,000; the regulator is valued at $1,050.

Sept. 23
Shoplifting — An officer responded to a call from Walmart about a shoplifting in progress. The suspect reportedly already had paid for a gray storage container, which he carried around the store. He was stopped when he attempted to leave the store without paying for items in the container. The items he reportedly attempted to shoplift were valued at $190.38. His bond was set at $812.25.

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