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Hinesville Police blotter for Oct. 4
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Sept. 19, Suspicious acts, 751 West Oglethorpe Highway
A Wal-Mart employee told police that while she was on a break early in the day, she saw a man in a white Ford F-150 drive by who looked “out of place.” Later, when the employee was walking to her vehicle during her lunch break, she saw the man in the same truck driving slowly through the parking lot.
The employee told police the man was  moving his arm in a manner that indicated he was masturbating.
A police officer went to the Wal-Mart parking lot and said he saw a truck and driver that matched the employee’s description. The officer said the driver saw his patrol car and tried to drive away. The officer caught up to the truck and conducted a traffic stop. The officer told the driver about the Wal-Mart employee’s claim, which the driver denied.
The officer said the driver appeared nervous and was perspiring. The man said he had been in the Wal-Mart parking lot for 20 minutes. The officer told the driver police would look at Wal-Mart’s surveillance tapes, and the driver then said he had been in and out of the store all day. The driver continued to deny the incident and was released.

Sept. 20, Battery (FVA) 822 Ridgewood Way
Police responded to a possible battery not in progress at the maternity ward of a local hospital. A pregnant woman told hospital staff she had fallen down, but later said her husband had hit her. The woman, who did not speak English well, and her 10-year-old son were brought to the hospital by a neighbor. The neighbor translated for the woman, police reported.
She said her husband had been drinking and he was upset about her old boyfriend, and by the fact she wanted to get a job to help her family.
The woman said her husband grabbed her by the neck with one hand and hit her in the mouth. She told police she fell to the ground and he kicked her in the hip and buttocks. The woman said after her husband fell asleep she and her son went to the neighbor’s house and asked to be driven to the hospital.
The woman had a severely swollen lip, which was bleeding, according to the police report. She also had a clear hand and thumb print on her neck as well as the beginning of bruises on her hips and the left side of her abdomen, according to police.
The hospital staff told police the woman was about 33 weeks into her pregnancy. Police attempted to contact the husband but were unsuccessful. Police said they would apply for warrants.
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