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Hinesville Police blotters for Aug. 26
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Aug. 6
Obstruction of an officer, public drunk, disorderly conduct, EG Miles Parkway

A police officer noticed a man sitting on the edge of the sidewalk with his legs outstretched into the roadway. The officer reported a strong odor of alcohol coming from the man. The man told the officer he had been at an area bar and left so that “he would not start a fight.” The officer offered to give the man a courtesy ride. The man refused and told the officer he was “going to do something stupid” so he could go to prison. He was arrested and placed in the police car to be taken to the military police. While in the police car, the man began to slam his head against the police car’s center partition. The officer called for assistance. The man threatened officers and was then placed in leg restraints before being taken to the military police.

Vicious animal, 601 Saunders Avenue
A Martin Luther King Jr. Drive man observed three men walking two pit bull dogs in the area and told police that the men allowed the dogs to fight. The man also told police that one of the dogs was released and killed a cat that wandered into the area.

Aug. 7
Mental subject, 281 Topi Trail

A Topi Trail woman told police that her adult niece, who was diagnosed with a mental disorder, came to her door. The niece entered the woman’s home and began to yell and scream while circling the dining room table.
The woman ran to a nearby golf course and called police. The woman told police her niece was supposed to be on medication. The niece’s juvenile daughter arrived on scene, and told police she and her mother would often move from place-to-place, and sometimes wandered the streets at night, searching for a place to stay. The niece was located nearby and agreed to be taken to a hospital.

Simple battery, disorderly conduct, civil matter, 755 West Oglethorpe Highway
A Florida woman and her daughter told police they had engaged in a dispute with a local merchant in regards to the price of some merchandise. The woman said her daughter questioned the merchant about the price marked on several items while he was ringing up the items.
She said the merchant told her daughter he would allow them to see the tags after he rang up the items. The woman said the merchant behaved rudely and snatched the items when her daughter tried to look at the tags. After paying for the items, the merchant laid their change on the counter.
The daughter then pushed the bagged merchandise toward the merchant and asked for a refund. The merchant said he did not give refunds and, according to the police report, threw the bag of clothing at the woman’s daughter, allegedly striking her.
The merchant told police that the woman’s daughter threw her change at him over the counter, scattering it on the floor. He said the woman’s daughter also cursed at him, using racial slurs. The women took their clothing and change and left the store. The merchant did not refund their money.

Aug. 8
Accidental injury, 105 W. Gen. Screven Way

A man called police about his injured hand. Police reported that the man was intoxicated. The man told police he struck a dumpster with his fist because he was angry. EMS arrived and treated the man’s injury. The man’s sister arrived to take him to a hospital emergency room.

Aug. 9
Suicidal threats, 738 E. Oglethorpe Highway

A Maryland woman called police from a local hotel, saying she was trying to hurt herself. The woman told police that “voices inside her head” were telling her to hurt herself. The woman agreed to be taken to a hospital.

Aug. 10
Fraud – illegal use of credit/financial transaction, 131 South Main St.

A woman told police she was missing a lot of money from her bank account. The woman observed several fraudulent charges made to her account and said she cancelled the account and re-opened another bank account. She told police that several of the charges came from a prison in Texas.

Aug. 11
Suspicious acts, 601 Saunders Ave.

Police responded to a call stating that a man with the street name of “Bernie Mac” was brandishing a firearm in an apartment complex.
Several women who live in the apartment complex told officers that “Bernie Mac” was armed with a pump action shotgun and that he was seen in the building’s breezeway before police arrived. Another woman told police that “Bernie Mac” was looking for her son, who has the street name of “Murder.”
The woman told her son to remain in the apartment. The woman told police that “Bernie Mac” had accused her son of stabbing him several months ago. The woman told police the dispute between her son and “Bernie Mac” was because of her, because she had been intimately involved with “Bernie Mac.”
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