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HPD blotter for June 21
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June 6: Theft by taking — A resident in the 900 block of E.G. Miles Parkway reported his laptop missing. The complainant said he was away from his residence for medical reasons May 4 to June 4. He was unsure of the model, make or serial number of the laptop but reported its value as $2,400. The officer did not report signs of forced entry, and other valuable items around the residence had not been touched.

Burglary (no forced entry) — A resident contacted officers after discovering that his house had been broken into. The man said he made sure to set the alarm and lock the front door before he left. When he returned, the door was unlocked and the alarm was off. It appeared the burglar entered through an unlocked bedroom window that does not have an alarm-system contact. The screen to the window was found outside. Items stolen include the complainant’s high-school diploma and a blanket that covered his motorcycle, but no drawers and cabinets were rummaged through, and no electronic devices were missing. The deputies could not find any evidence that would assist in identifying the suspect.

June 7
Stalking, harassing communications — An officer was contacted by a Hinesville woman who said she received from a man a note that read, “I have seen you around and would like to get to know you.” She contacted him via email for a few weeks with the intent of being friends, but he wanted more than that. Eventually, she told him to stop emailing her after he sent her a nude picture of himself. He apologized after she told him not to contact her anymore, and she didn’t hear from him for two weeks. She didn’t respond to his emails until she received one email from him that suggested he was going to slash her tires if she did not respond. He started calling from a blocked number but would not say anything. The only information she could provide the deputy was the man’s name, residence and occupation.

Possession of marijuana, arrest for other agency — An officer found a wallet with a male’s Pennsylvania identification card and $1,621 at the Flash Foods in Hinesville. The wallet was taken to the Hinesville Police Department for evidence and safe keeping. The wallet’s owner visited the police department to get his wallet, but he was detained on a parole-violation warrant from Pennsylvania as well as an active warrant through Douglas County. Both agencies were contacted, and both said to place a hold on the man. During the arrest, the man was searched, and an officer found a bag of marijuana in his left shoe.

June 8
Burglary (forced entry) — Officers were called to the 900 block of South Main Street after a man said a pit bull puppy, .45-caliber weapon, Dell laptop and three pairs of sneakers were missing from various locations in the house. The back door was kicked in, and the lock was broken off. The complainant was able to provide a serial number for his firearm.

Criminal attempt to commit burglary — A Hinesville woman called officers to her residence after being awakened by a loud popping noise in the kitchen. She walked into the living room and yelled “I’m calling the police!” She heard nothing, entered into the kitchen and saw that the window was open.
Deputies found the screen from the kitchen window at the rear of the house.

Obstruction of an officer, public drunkenness — An officer responded to a call made from an off-duty officer at the Waffle House in Hinesville. The complainant explained that a man was yelling at customers in the restaurant, accusing them of stealing his vehicle.
The victim wanted to report the incident but would not give the off-duty officer any information. When the officer made contact with the screaming man, he tried to report the off-duty officer as a fake police officer. He was asked many times for his name and ID card but wouldn’t provide the officer with any information.
According to the officer, the screaming man appeared intoxicated and smelled of alcohol.
Eventually, he gave the officer his driver’s license and described his missing vehicle, which eventually was found outside of Knight’s Inn.
When the screaming man was advised of this, he still acted out toward the two officers, so he was arrested.

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