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HPD Blotter Jan. 25
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W. General Screven Way
Jan. 18

An officer was dispatched to Clyde's on General Screven Way for an armed robbery. The complainant/manager told the officer that a man wearing a black hoody, sunglasses and black pants entered the store asking to use the bathroom. After the suspect used the bathroom he walked to the rear of the store (beer section). He then walked up to the complainant, who was behind the register, and pulled out a gun. He said, "Give me all the money." The complainant removed the money from the register and placed it in a brown paper bag. The suspect took the money, told the manager to go in the office and then left. The complainant followed him out and saw him head toward Fraser Circle and Hall Street. Detectives were called in and were briefed. The complainant told the officer the security camera was off because he was watching the tapes from the previous day. A look-out notice was written in HPD's briefing book.

Simple battery
Saunders Ave.
Jan. 19

On Jan. 19, an officer was dispatched to Saunders Avenue for a report of a simple battery. A man told the officer he was arguing with his girlfriend in the bathroom when she charged at him. He pushed her away and she charged gain, so he pushed her away. She fell into and bent a towel bar. He told the officer he held her in a full nelson so she wouldn't attack him. The girlfriend said they were arguing and he became angry and pushed her face into the wall, causing the towel bar to bend. She said he also choked her and hit her in the face. She also said the arm of a chair broke when he was holding her down. The man was not aware the arm was broken. Neither party appeared to have any marks or bruises and they didn't live together. They also didn't have any children together. The complainant pick up his things and left to wait for a ride.

Illegal transfer of a license plate
Strickland Street
Jan. 20

While checking houses, an officer called dispatch to check a license plate for expiration. The plate came back as suspended and belonging on another vehicle. The officer stopped the suspect in her driveway. The officer explained the tag was off another vehicle. The officer noticed a red Honda parked in her yard that matched the description of the vehicle belonging to the tag the officer checked with dispatch. The officer asked the suspect who took the tag off the Honda and put it on the Buick she was driving. She told the officer she had done. At that time the officer placed her under arrest for illegal transfer of a license plate. The officer confiscated the license plate so he could book it into evidence. The officer cited, booked, fingerprinted and photographed the suspect, but noted she was so cooperative that  the officer asked if she could be released on her own recognizance. She is a long-time resident and posed no flight risk. The other officer agreed to let her out on her own recognizance. A court date was set for Feb. 6.

Burglary-forced entry-residence
Beverly Street
Jan. 22

On Jan. 22, when an officer spoke with the complainant who was taking care of the apartment for his cousin. The complainant said the last time he was in the residence on Jan. 17 around 4 p.m. everything was fine. When he arrived back on Jan. 22, he noticed the back door had been kicked open. He then called 911 and looked to see if anything was missing. He noticed two Play Station 2 game systems, unknown serial numbers, were missing, as well as two Dell laptop computers, unknown model and serial numbers, and personal paperwork such as a Social Security card, birth certificate and military paperwork belonging to the resident apartment. After checking the residence, a smudged footprint was noted at the back door. No other tangible evidence was noted. Another officer also arrived and called a detective. The complainant was told if he had any other information or a detailed list of items missing to bring it to HPD.
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