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HPD/LCSO blotters for Oct. 29
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Suspicious acts
Oct. 8
5919 W. Highway 196
A woman called the police after she came home and reportedly found a wounded buzzard on her doorstep which she claims was put there by someone, but she doesn’t know who.

Unattended death
Oct. 7
Fleming Loop Road
After a concerned man went to check on his friend who he hadn’t seen since Tuesday, he found the man dead on a couch.

Strong-arm robbery
Oct. 9
Turning Point Lane
A man on a bicycle said that as he pedaled up to his friend’s house, three men reportedly dragged him off his bike into the mud. The attackers then allegedly kicked him, threw dirt in his face and tried to make him kiss their dog’s rear end. The complainant said a suspect rubbed dog feces in his face and took $6 from him before fleeing when a car drove up.

Vehicle fire
Oct. 4
Near exit 76 on I-95, a man and his father saw a truck on fire and stopped to help put the flames out with a fire extinguisher. The fire started in the bed of the truck and the tdriver and passengers said they don’t know how the fire started. The fire department arrived and spray-ed the truck to put out hotspots.

Oct. 6
EG Miles Parkway
A complainant called the police when she suspected she was witnessing a burglary in process. She saw a man with a black sweatshirt and red shoes enter a neighbor’s house. An acquaintance of the homeowner, who was inside the burglarized home, talked to officers when they arrived and, fearing the burglars would return, asked officers to remove all weapons from the house until the owner returned. The officers took 10 guns, including two Glocks and a Chinese rifle, and ammunition. The owner later told officers that a TV, Playstation (with games), Xbox and laptop were missing from his home.

Found property
Oct. 13
East Martin Luther King Drive
An officer found $3 in the back seat of a fellow officer’s squad car and turned it in. The driver of the car confirmed that the money probably came from an incident that occurred Oct. 10.

Assist other agency
Oct. 14
Garden Circle
A veteran’s assistance clinic called authorities when they received word a Hines-ville woman was making suicidal threats during a visit to a hospital. When officers arrived and questioned the woman, she said she had no intention of killing herself but she wanted to take a lot of pills to dull pain in her back. She said she angrily expressed the idea because the hospital refused care.

Missing person (adult)
Oct. 10
Sanders Avenue
A concerned woman called the police because her boyfriend had not returned home after leaving a few days before. She said her son and the man’s employer hadn’t seen him either. The woman said she doesn’t think he is in danger or in need of medical help, but he was supposed to appear in court in a few days and she was concerned that he would miss his date.
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