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Jesup bar fight results in numerous arrests
Hinesville firefighter among suspects
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A Hinesville firefighter who allegedly participated in a barroom brawl around 10 p.m. Aug. 12 at the Oyster Shack’s Daily News Neighborhood Pub in Jesup was arrested last week along with 15 other people.
Donald Crouch, 37, of Jesup, was charged with affray, a misdemeanor, and unlawful acts of criminal street gangs, a felony, confirmed Jesup Police Detective Greg Rozier.
Hinesville Fire Chief Lamar Cook said he could not comment on Crouch’s arrest and referred the Courier to Holly Stevens, the city’s personnel director.
“Because it is a personnel-related issue, it is sensitive information, which we don’t release,” Stevens said. “I can say he is still an employee of the city of Hinesville.”
Stevens would not comment on whether disciplinary action has been taken against Crouch or if the firefighter has been placed on administrative leave.
Rozier said the fight, “which didn’t last a minute,” took place between members of the Iron Order of Wayne County, the biker club to which Crouch allegedly belongs, and the Wingmen of Long County.
“It’s a rivalry that’s been going on between these two biker groups for a while,” the detective said.
Rozier said the Iron Order members were having supper when the Wingmen came in. The biker groups stepped outside the restaurant and “words were exchanged” in the parking lot, he said.
Rozier said the fight didn’t actually begin until “the rest of the Wingmen from Ludowici arrived.”
During the scuffle, a shot was fired, the
detective said. The bullet likely went into the ground, he said, but it is not known who fired the gun.
In addition to Crouch, a number of
Hinesville and Richmond Hill residents were arrested, the detective confirmed.
Iron Order members arrested include James Smith, 42, of Richmond Hill; Ronald Spear, 55, of Statesboro; Joseph Savard, 50, of Glennville; Anthony MacIntire, 33, of Clarksville; and Jesup residents Billy James Armstrong, 39; Charles Caldwell, 54; and Glenn Pond, 29.
Wingmen members arrested include Hinesville residents Max Epling, 38, Herbert Gaskin, 44, and Charles Martin, 52. Ludowici Wingmen arrested were Steven Koren, 41, and Sean Tucker, 37. Richmond Hill Wingmen who were arrested include James Krisiewicz, 42, and Eugene Schadler, 38. Also arrested was Anthony McCabe, 42, of Bloomingdale.
Rozier said all the bikers posted bond and likely will be tried in Wayne County Superior Court.
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