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Judd denied bond, considered flight risk
web 0622 Judd hearing
Christiane Judd and Long County Sheriffs Office Lt. Tom Sollosi leave the courthouse Tuesday after Judds hearing. - photo by Lewis Levine

Christiane Judd, the former operator of Loonie Farms Animal Rescue in Long County, appeared Tuesday morning before Long County Magistrate Judge Marie Middleton for a 10-minute hearing.

Judd did not enter a plea, but will do so at arraignment. She is charged with one misdemeanor count of giving false information, one felony county of cruelty to animals and one felony count of making false statements and concealing facts in a felony investigation.

Judd was denied bond because, according to Long County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Tom Sollosi, her behavior has given officials reason to fear she may flee the jurisdiction of the court to avoid prosecution. Also, as a German national, Judd has a limited connection with the local community and is a flight risk.

Judd arrived in Long County on Saturday after she was stopped May 28 by Canadian authorities as she attempted to leave Buffalo, N.Y., and enter Fort Erie, Canada.

Warrants for Judd were issued after members of several animal-welfare groups discovered the remains of dozens of animals May 16 at Loonie Farms, which Judd operated with her husband. Judd reportedly contacted animal-welfare organization representatives and told them she was closing the operation and would not be returning. The rescue was advertised as a refuge where animals were taken to be adopted out to families. 

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