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LCSO blotter
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July 11: Doing business without a license — Two men were stopped by a Hinesville police officer when they were observed selling meat door-to-door. The officer reportedly observed one man in the doorway of a home attempting to sell some meat, while another man sat in the driver’s seat of a gray Ford pickup that had a freezer in the truck bed.

When he realized he was being watched by the officer, the driver left the vehicle to go get his partner and the meat he was selling to a Hinesville resident. They attempted to leave the location but were stopped by the officer, who asked if they had a peddler’s license. At first they said they did but were not able to locate it then they admitted they did not have a permit.

The officer did not cite the men, whose Steak-N-Stuff business is headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., but he warned them they could be arrested next time for doing business without a license.

July 20: Simple battery — A Hinesville woman called police after a domestic dispute with her husband that occurred when the woman said her husband texted another woman. The woman reportedly told her husband she was leaving him and got in the shower. She said her husband opened the shower door, yelled at her and pushed her. After the woman got out of the shower, she told her husband she was calling the police. She said her husband tried to block her path, but then returned to the sofa, and she called the police.

The husband acknowledged the verbal altercation but denied pushing his wife or preventing her from calling 911. The responding officer could not validate the woman’s side of the story.

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