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LCSO Blotters

July 4
Matter of record — A woman cut the back of her head when she tripped over some carpeting and hit her head on a DVD player at a home near Live Oak Church Road. A deputy said the woman was being treated by Liberty Emergency Management Services upon his arrival. The woman said she was arguing with her cousin when the incident happened, but she woman would not tell the deputy where she was when the accident occurred. The deputy also could not locate the cousin and cousin’s husband the woman said she shares the house with.

July 21
Garbage can takes out mirror — A deputy hit a green garbage can with his patrol vehicle on the way to a bond hearing. The passenger-side mirror swiped the can, which was partially in the road. The mirror’s glass broke, but there was no visible damage to the can. The vehicle was taken to the county shop to be repaired and picked up several hours later.

Verbal dispute — A Riceboro woman had an argument with her boyfriend because he had found a new girlfriend online and was kicking her and her 12-year-old daughter out of the house. They had been living together for several weeks. When deputies arrived at the house, the boyfriend was informed that he would have to go to magistrate court to have the girlfriend and her daughter evicted. The girlfriend claimed he had used Wite-Out to remove her name from the lease. The boyfriend agreed to allow them to remain at the residence until other arrangements could be made. About an hour later, the deputy was called back to the residence on a report that the boyfriend would not allow the woman and her daughter to sleep on the couch but instead on the bare floor and wouldn’t allow them to turn on any lights to the bathroom or kitchen. The boyfriend agreed to remain in his bedroom and leave the women alone for the remainder of the night.

Verbal dispute — A woman and her boyfriend had a verbal argument because he claimed she was in another relationship. The woman said he started to throw her belongings out on the porch during the argument. Both said it was only verbal and not physical. The girlfriend was allowed to get her belongings from the porch and would stay with her friend.

Matter of record — A 12-year-old girl told an officer she was abused by her grandfather, who is her guardian. The two were arguing, and she said he slapped her across the face. The officer spoke with the grandfather, who said that he is the girl’s adoptive father and has a problem with her acting disrespectful. He said that she was yelling at him and kicked him in his leg, so he slapped her. The officer saw no signs of abuse on the girl and didn’t see any other issues besides her being unruly.

July 25
Simple battery and criminal trespass — There was a physical altercation between two women on Jazzmaster Road. A woman went to her friend’s house to retrieve a cellphone. The homeowner confronted the friend, wanted the cellphone and slapped her. The friend told the homeowner that if she put her hands on her again, she was going to beat her up, and she just wanted the cellphone. The homeowner got the cellphone, which was broken in two pieces, and allegedly threw the broken phone into the friend’s car and then tried to hit her. The friend says she had to fight off the other woman. There were scratch marks on the side of the friend’s face. Officers tried to locate the house on Jazzmaster Road where the incident was said to occur, but couldn’t find the home.

Criminal trespass — A Midway resident’s mailbox was damaged by an unknown object. The officer on scene did not find any tracks visible to indicate whether it was down by a vehicle, person, by accident or on purpose. A drive through the neighborhood on Rhonda Road showed no signs of other mailboxes being damaged.

July 26
Harassing phone calls — A Midway resident complained about receiving four harassing phone calls between 5:53 and 5:58 p.m. from three different phone numbers. He said the caller was the same person, a male accusing him of hitting his vehicle, leaving scratch marks and breaking a taillight. The caller was described as being very agitated and persistent in his accusations. When the complainant asked the caller how and where he supposedly caused the damage, the caller hung up the phone.
The resident didn’t recognize any of the numbers of the caller and said he didn’t leave his home all day.

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