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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for July 29
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June 17: Pedestrian under the influence — A deputy was dispatched to West Oglethorpe Highway due to a pedestrian lying on the side of the road. Once contact was made with the pedestrian, it was obvious that he was under the influence. The pedestrian told the deputy that he was walking from Hinesville to his residence in Ludowici, but then he got tired and laid down to rest. He smelled of alcohol and did admit to drinking. He also had an empty vodka bottle on him. The pedestrian agreed to a breath sample, which came out positive, and he was arrested.

June 19
Criminal trespass — A resident of Deerfield Mobile Home Park called a deputy in reference to her damaged door. The window was broken out of the door, and there were pry marks. There were so signs of entry.
Burglary — A deputy was called to Limerick Road in Midway after a man was a victim to a burglary. The complainant said that someone stole various landscaping chemicals and tools from his shed. He also told the deputy that it is possible he left the door unsecured after working in the yard. The stolen items value at $3,951.
Burglary — Two deputies were dispatched to Davis Road in Hinesville in reference to a burglary. The complainant reported that two guns were missing, and the screen leading to the kitchen was removed. Shoe prints were identified that lead south away from the residence on Davis Road.

June 20
DUI, possession of open alcohol container — A deputy pulled over a vehicle that was traveling 87 mph in a 70 mph zone. He noticed the driver was having a hard time pulling over. When the deputy made contact with the driver, he could smell alcohol in the car and on the driver. His eyes were also bloodshot and glassy, but he denied having anything to drink. His breath sample was positive for alcohol, so he was arrested. The deputy also found a beer bottle that was two-thirds empty behind the driver’s seat.

June 21
DUI, weaving over roadway — Some deputies received a 911 phone call from a passenger of a car whose driver was too intoxicated to drive. The complainant told the deputies that the car was heading south on the interstate. The deputies caught up with the car and pulled it over for failure to maintain its lane. When contact was made with the driver, there was a strong odor of alcohol coming from the car. His eyes were glossy, and he admitted to having a few drinks earlier. He failed the field sobriety test, and his breath sample was positive for alcohol.

Entering automobile — A Midway man called a deputy to Limerick Road after his car was broken into. He told the deputy that his stereo speakers and amplifier were missing from the trunk of his vehicle. A relative was at the complainant’s residence all day and said only one person visited during this time. The deputy saw that the speaker wires were cut. The stolen items value at $160.

June 22
Possession of marijuana, driving without license — A deputy was dispatched to Ruben Wells Road in reference to a burglary in progress. The complainant reported a pickup truck in front of her residence, so the deputy followed that pickup. The truck failed to stay in the lines and was pulled over. The passenger made contact with the deputy because the driver could not speak English. The driver was also unlicensed and had a warrant out of Miami. The deputy let his police dog sniff around the vehicle. The dog found a positive response to narcotics. There was marijuana in the car and in the passenger’s pockets. Both men were arrested.

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