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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for March 14

Recent reports filed with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office inlcude:

March 1
Armed robbery — A pizza delivery woman from Richmond Hill claimed she was robbed at gunpoint at a Midway residence during a delivery around 9 p.m. Earlier, the customer tried to pay for the $31 order with a $100 bill, but because of company policy, the delivery woman had to carry less than $20. The customer argued about the policy and the delivery woman left with the pizzas. After talking with her manager, the delivery woman remembered she had extra cash she could use for change. She called the customer and let her know she would return. The delivery woman was greeted by the woman and a man. They exchanged the cash and while the man was counting the bills, the female customer complained again about the policy and delayed order. The delivery woman was holding the pizzas when she noticed the female customer was holding what looked like a sawed-off, double barrel shotgun. After the man finished counting the money, the woman raised the weapon and said she was not going to pay. The man grabbed the pizzas and the residents went inside. The delivery woman fled.

March 5
Theft by taking — A Midway woman complained that someone stole three big pieces of wrought iron railing from her property. She believed it was a man who had been seen snooping around her property recently and in the past wanted to rent a building in her yard. She drove past the man’s property with a Midway Police Department sergeant and they saw the railings from the road. The deputy talked with a woman at the property with the railings and she said she did not know they were stolen. The deputy called the man, who was not home. He said it was all a misunderstanding and would return the railings. The railings had not been returned as of the report.

March 6
Criminal trespass — A Hinesville woman complained of a person knocking on her door late at night for several months. When she called “who is it,” there would be no answer. Two days before the report, she heard a knock around 10 p.m. She answered that she was armed and they had to leave. The next morning she found a Georgia driver’s license that belonged to a Hinesville man on the ground in her yard. The deputy went to the address on the driver’s license but no one answered.

March 7
Criminal trespass — A Midway woman said someone tried to pry open her front door. There were six scratches on the door and the woman said it would cost $1,000 to fix. The home’s alarm system did not sound because the damage was not enough to activate the alarm.
— Staff report

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