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Liberty County Sheriff's Blotter Jan. 19
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Jan. 1
Speeding/open container
Highway 196 at Luke Road

A deputy stopped a car after he clocked it going 78 mph in a 55 mph zone. While asking the driver for his license the deputy noticed several open containers of alcohol in the vehicle. The driver's license check returned showing he was wanted for child support violation in Liberty County. All three men in the car were cited for open container violations and the driver was also cited for speeding. They were taken to Liberty County jail at which point one of the men was also cited for disorderly conduct after urinating in the back seat of the patrol car. The deputy later discovered the driver was hiding a small yellow plastic bag that had a white substance in it inside his mouth. It tested positive for cocaine.

Jan. 1
Simple battery
Beulah road, Midway

A man wanted to file a report and prosecute some of his "friends " after they teased him, pulled him into the woods and tied him to a tree. He told the deputies they were all sitting around a fire when they began to pick on him and he was tired of it. He was advised on warrant procedures.

Jan. 2
Statutory rape

The Detectives of the LCSD are investigating the allegations that a minor was raped in the Allenhurst area. The incident was reported by the minor's parent.

Jan. 4
Vicious dog/discharge of firearm
Willie Dixon Road

A deputy responded to a report of vicious dogs. When he arrived at the residential area neighbors complained that there were two pit bulls that kept attacking their car and not allowing them to get in or out of their vehicles. The deputy went toward the residence where the pit bulls were loose in the yard and the dogs attacked the patrol car. Animal control was called and they verified that the dogs had a history and reports of being vicious. In order to make the area safe and stop the attacks, the deputy shot the dogs with shotgun, killing one of the dogs and allowing animal control to capture the other. The case is being investigated.

Jan. 5
Public drunkenness/underage drinking
Dunlevie Road, Walthourville

A man was arrested after he refused to pick up beer cans he had thrown in the parking lot of Clydes and began confronting customers pumping gas. He was also asked to leave by the store clerk, but refused.

Jan. 8
Headlight requirement/attempting to flee police/reckless driving
Live Oak Church Road, Hinesville

A deputy noticed a red truck driving without its headlights on and tried to stop it, but it began to pull away. The deputy gave chase from Live Oak Church Road to Elam Road heading toward Long County when the driver pulled his truck into Middleton MHP. The driver then jumped and ran behind the trailers. The deputy was able to catch up with him when he fell and injured his knee. The deputy asked him to place his hands behind his back but the man kept refusing and tried to get up to run. The deputy had to Tase him twice in the abdomen before he was able to handcuff him and take him to jail.

Jan. 8
Possession of marijuana (misdemeanor)
Live Oak Church Road, Hinesville

Two men were arrested and taken to jail after a deputy stopped their car for speeding. The driver said his license was suspended and the passenger gave a false name to the officer. When the men were being checked for weapons the deputy found two bags of marijuana in one of the men's socks.

Jan. 11
Armed robbery
Wilder Road, Walthourville

A Papa John's delivery driver reported he was robbed at gunpoint when he was delivering a pizza at a Walthourville residence. He said when he arrived he realized it was an unoccupied residence. But a man beckoned him to the rear of the residence saying the pizzas were for him. As he approached another man approached him from behind, pulled out a silver gun and demanded money. The first man then reappeared wearing a clown mask and swing a baseball bat at the deliveryman, who ran to his car and went back to the store to call police. The incident is under investigation.

Jan. 15
Alleged suicide attempt
Emily Cook Lane, Walthourville

Deputies were dispatched after receiving a report of a man who was trying to harm himself with a handgun. Before the deputies arrived they were informed by dispatch that someone was able to take the gun away from the man. Deputies found the man who seemed intoxicated and depressed. He told the deputies he was upset that his wife was a crack addict and due to that they lost their 2-year-old son to DFACS. The man agreed to be medically evaluated.
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