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Long County getting more dry hydrants
A dry fire hydrant is a water source that is installed in areas, such as ponds, so fire departments will have an access in rural areas to refill their fire trucks. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
“We currently have dry hydrants, but we still need to purchase the PVC pipe to install them and get them installed”, said Code Enforcement officer John Bradley during the Long County Commission meeting Dec. 4.
A dry fire hydrant is a water source that is installed in areas, such as ponds, so fire departments will have an access in rural areas to refill their fire trucks without having to go to a city to locate a hydrant.  
All the locations of where the hydrants will be haven’t been decided as of yet, but commissioners were to get with Ludowici/Long County Fire Department Chief Darrell Ballance to decide where they will be most beneficial.
Bradley also reported that during the month of November 12 building permits, and four relocation permits were purchased, while the county still had 123 open building permits.
He also reported that through November, 94 homes had been purchased for 2007.
Commissioners also gave preliminary approval for Phase II of the Irish Acres Development Project to begin work. This project is expected to have 18 new lots.
RMR and Associates representative Joe Raymer presented commissioners with information on setback requirements and drainage information for the Town Center Village that was requested during the November meeting.  
With this information, Raymer is now scheduled to begin construction on a convenience store across from Smiley Elementary School off Baggs Cemetery Road.  The store is planned to be the first stage of a plan to have a commercial plaza that will include a McDonald’s restaurant and a grocery store.
The commissioners also heard a presentation by Code Enforcement office manager Michelle Poppell in regards to researching the feasibility of two grants through the Coastal Georgia Incentive Program.
One possible grant would be for a hydrological study for water runoff and drainage for a yet-to-be determined area of the county, and the other possible grant would be for a map that would designate the locations of all septic systems and wells in the county.
Commissioners also approved the abandonment of an intersection at county roads 20 and 23 because of safety concerns. They also discussed the possibility of a measure regarding county road 115, but decided to table that issue until the January meeting.
Kent Hall, a member of the proposed Long/Ludowici Planning and Zoning Board, gave a report to the commissioners on the work the group had been doing in preparation for the 2008 year.
Hall informed the commissioners the group had met four times and had been working on the rules and regulations, and also the rules for conducting meetings and hearings for the proposed P&Z board.
The Ludowici City Council and the commissioners have given preliminary approval of the final draft of the Land Development Code for the two entities and also approved the members of the P&Z board, but both are waiting on their respective attorneys to review all the information.
County Commissioner Mike McGowan gave a report from the E-911 Committee, and noted the plan was on schedule. He said county residents could expect a call from a GeoComm representative requesting additional information to update telephone company database records.
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