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Man kicks in door, flees
Hinesville PD blotters for Dec. 29

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

Nov. 18
Burglary attempt: A woman reported someone attempting to break into her Lost Grove Lane residence. She said she had been sitting in her bedroom when she heard nine or 10 loud bangs on the back door. She went to the back door and looked through the blinds to see a man running away from her door and toward the neighboring Raintree Apartments. A search of the area did not reveal anything, except a distinctive shoe print on the outside of the woman’s back door.

Suspicious acts: A woman reported someone tampering with the doorknob at her Elizabeth Street residence. She said she was inside when she heard the noise, and that when her dog started to bark, she heard someone running away from the home toward the wood line. She said she looked out of her window and saw someone standing in the wood line, appearing to hide behind some bushes. Once officers arrived on scene, the man was still walking along the road in front of the home, and the woman pointed him out to officers. The man told officers that he lived directly behind the residence and was looking for his dog that was loose. He denied tampering with the woman’s door.

Nov. 19
Burglary: A woman came home to her Pines at Willowbrook apartment to find her door slightly ajar, with the apartment’s spare key in the door lock — the spare key that apartment maintenance and exterminators use to gain access to the unit. She said when she opened the door, her flat-screen TV was sitting in the hall, removed from its entertainment stand in the living room. She said she also saw a pile of electronics boxes on the floor of her bedroom, which had contained items she had purchased as Christmas gifts. She said the items had been stored in the top of her closet. Several food items from her kitchen also were missing.

Theft of automobile: A man reported his red 1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo stolen from his Pineland Avenue residence. He said the vehicle was parked in his front lawn the night prior. His neighbor said that his wife had driven by the home at 6 o’clock that morning and noticed the car was not there. No glass or signs of break-in were noticed at the scene. The complainant said he has both sets of keys to the vehicle, and that the vehicle had been locked when he parked it the night before.

Criminal trespass: An officer responded to an attempted break-in at an apartment on Tupelo Trail. The complainant said he was upstairs lying down when he heard the doorbell ring. He said he looked out the window to see if there was a vehicle outside, but saw nothing. He then went downstairs to answer the door, but before he could reach it the door was kicked down. The man said he turned on the light and saw a man standing in the doorway, dressed all in black. Upon seeing the complainant, the man in the door way cursed and ran off in the direction of Tupelo Trail. The complainant said that he has no reason to believe anyone would want to break into his home, but that he heard the previous resident sold drugs and someone may be looking for him.

Nov. 20
Burglary/forced entry: A woman reported her Hancock Street residence as broken into. She stated that she went to Atlanta overnight and returned the next morning to find her front door open. Officers came and cleared the home and found the rear sliding door standing open. It appeared that someone had gone through every room in the home. The front door appeared to have been kicked in, and there was damage to the door frame. The complainant reported a PlayStation 3, a pink controller and a 3-foot-tall hookah missing, as well as a jewelry box with approximately $200 worth of jewelry in it.

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