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Man thwarts break-in, nabs suspect
Using blade in defense, resident injures suspects hip, backside
web 0624 Isaac Cummings
Isaac Cummings - photo by Photo provided.

A Long County man thwarted a home invasion in progress Tuesday and detained an intruder at his residence in the Burnt Pines subdivision.

Long County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Tom Sollosi said Jose Vera reportedly heard a commotion at the back of his house around 1:30 p.m. and realized someone was attempting to break in. Vera picked up a machete-type weapon and went to investigate the noise. Sollosi said Vera saw a man and two juveniles. One of the juveniles was standing near the man and the other appeared to be acting as a lookout.

When Vera approached, the trio attempted to flee, but Vera swung the blade of his weapon at the oldest suspect and struck him in his hip/buttock area. The homeowner then detained the man until LCSO Deputy Edward Pitts arrived and took the suspect into custody.

Sollosi said the suspect, later identified as Isaac Cummings, 18, was treated at the scene by a Long/Liberty County EMS unit and later attended to by a doctor because his wound required stitches.

Cummings has been charged with criminal intent to commit a burglary, the detective said. He was arrested and currently is in the Ludowici Jail. The suspect also reportedly lived in the Burnt Pines subdivision.

Sollosi said one of the minors who were involved has been identified, but the identity of the other still is not known. The investigator said Wednesday that the sheriff’s office hopes to get a positive ID as soon as possible.

“This is one time where the good guy came out on top and the bad guy had the bad day,” Sollosi said. “What Mr. Vera did was essentially make a citizen’s arrest.”

Anyone with information about the incident or the teenagers allegedly involved should call Sollosi at 545-2118.

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