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One man injured in Hinesville shooting
Law enforcement officers search for suspects
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One man was injured Tuesday when gunfire erupted at a Hinesville apartment complex.

According to an incident report filed by Hinesville Police Department Officer Lonnie Bowman, the shooting occurred shortly before midnight. Bowman said when he responded to a call in the 600 block of Tupelo Trail, a woman there claimed she had been fired at. When the officer arrived, he found the woman upset and crying. She told the officer she and Alex Moore had been sitting in Moore’s car in front of a building in the 100 block of Regency Place apartments when a white car and a black car slowly drove by them two times. The woman said the driver of the white vehicle  looked at her as if he knew her, and, according to the report, the woman said Moore appeared to recognize the vehicles. 

She asked Moore what the driver of the white car was looking at. He responded, “I don’t know, but I’ll see if they come back.”

The woman said Moore pulled out of the parking spot before the white and black vehicles returned, but as he was driving off, the white  car came back and pulled in front of Moore’s vehicle, blocking him. 

According to the report, the woman said a man wearing a black T-shirt and red shorts got out of the vehicle with a long gun and began shooting at them. The woman said she put her head down and was not sure how many rounds were fired at the vehicle.

The woman said Moore was able to leave the area and as he was driving down Sandy Run Drive, she jumped from Moore’s vehicle into a ditch, receiving several scratches in the process. The witness said she watched as the white car continued to follow Moore, then she ran into the Smokerise Apartments complex on Tupelo Trail, where she found a woman sitting on her porch who had heard the gunshots. The witness told the woman what happened and the woman immediately called 911.

Moore continued to drive down Sandy Run Drive into the Enmark service station on East Oglethorpe Highway. When officer Travis Probst found him, Moore was suffering from a gunshot wound to his right side. According to the report, emergency medical personnel transported Moore to Winn Army Community Hospital on Fort  Stewart. His condition is unknown, Detective Al Cato said, but Moore was walking and responsive when he arrived at the hospital.

The woman was taken to Enmark to be examined by medical personnel, but she refused treatment.

Moore, according to the report, declined to cooperate with Officer Ivan Saez, who questioned him about the shooting. When Saez asked Moore whether the shots came from a small- or large-caliber firearm, Moore reportedly responded, “You’re the cops. Tell me.”

Cato said anyone with information on the shooting should call 911 or the Hinesville Police Department at 368-8211.

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