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Red Cross reaches out to churches to help
Red Cross Month
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Area churches are being asked to help the American Red Cross raise funds for disaster relief.
Red Cross Sunday is a vision of hope fostered by the generosity of local religious communities partnering with their local Red Cross Chapters to provide assistance to your neighbors who have experienced a disaster.
The money you donate will remain local. By standing with the Red Cross in this effort, you will be helping families begin the long road to recovery following a life changing disaster.
The process is simple. Alert the Red Cross of your willingness to participate. All materials are available; flyers, bulletin inserts, inserts for newsletters and collection envelopes; for the asking.
• Decide on a goal. Many times matching funds of those donated are used.
• Designate a volunteer in your house of worship as the contact person.
• Decide how many envelopes will be needed.
• Decide on a time. Some churches will collect at each service during the chosen month. Although March is Red Cross month, many people are choosing other months to become involved.
• Call Mark Hunt at 876-3975 to request your materials, or email your request to: huntm@savannahred If you cannot reach Hunt, call Denese Register (912) 547-1110.
• Call to report the end of your campaign. Donations must be reported and collected by the Red Cross by June 15, 2007. The donations will be picked up by the American Red Cross and your church will be recognized.
Annually, Red Cross helps more than 300 area families (nearly 1,000 fire victims in a nine county jurisdiction) get back on their feet. It spends more than $200,000 in direct relief assistance. The worst time of the year for house fires is winter as families turn on space heaters, burn candles, put up Christmas lights and use stoves more often. Since July 1, Red Cross disaster volunteers helped with 21 fires in Liberty County, 10 in Long and seven in Bryan.
While it is the mission of the Red Cross to provide assistance to victims of disasters, most people do not realize that Red Cross chapters must raise the funds to provide that assistance.
Another way to help is pledging to be a part of HEROES (Helping Everyday Responders Offer Emergency Services) Program. A group of people, an individual, school organizations, civic clubs or organizations may qualify as a “hero” by raising $1,000. All funds remain local and are used for services to victims of disasters, like home fires.
Red Cross’ mission to provide assistance where and when it is needed. Your investment in this mission will help the Red Cross continue to meet the needs of local families. Remember, the American Red Cross urges, in case of a home fire, to first call 911. Then call Red Cross to report the fire, as well.
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