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Restaurant sanitation score
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The following is among the food service establishments inspected in February by the Liberty County Health Department. To view all restaurant scores, go to

Feb. 10
• Pizza Peddler, 40 Butler St., Midway. Score: 85. Grade: B.
Remarks: (1) Observed black substance on the inside of the ice machine and soda drink nozzles. Observed food debris on the butter bowl and butter brush. Corrected on site by cleaning the bowl, brush, and drink nozzles. Repeat violation.

(2) Observed food at the top of the sandwich line cooler above 41F. Person in charge stated that the food was in the cooler since last night. Corrected on site by person in charge discarding of food. Need to check cooler to make sure it is working properly. New violation.

(3) Observed wiping cloths on sandwich and pizza prep lines.

(4) Observed utensils stored in between equipment.

(5) Observed no sanitizer test strips for facility.

(6) Observed jackets and personal items stored on storage racks with other food service items.

(7) Follow up 02/17/2016 — salami: top prep line: 51F, cheese: top prep line: 53F, sliced cheese: top prep line: 51F, sliced tomatoes/ top prep line: 45, Corn beef/ bottom prep line: 41F, Sliced tomatoes/bottom prep line: 42F.

(8) Talked to the owner about sandwich prep line not keeping food at proper temperature. I asked where was the food stored last night. She stated that majority of the food was stored in the walk-in cooler and they moved the food into the prep line this morning.

(9) Follow up 02/22/2016: Went to facility and talked the person in charge about the prep line cooler. She stated that a mechanic came to the facility last week and looked at the cooler.

She called the manager Gary B. and he stated that the mechanic came but he has to order a part of the cooler. He stated that the mechanic should return to repair the cooler tonight or tomorrow. The manager stated that the facility is keeping ice under the product to keep the food at the proper temperature and taking temperatures of the food.

I took temperatures of the food and the food was under 41F. I will follow up later this week to check the cooler again. Deli meat/ top prep line: 36F, sliced cheese/ top prep line: 40F, sliced tomatoes/ top prep line: 35F.

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