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Voodoo part of couple's fight
Hinesville PD blotters for Dec. 10

Reports recently filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

Nov. 12
Suspicious act — A man reported that he was verbally threatened by an employee of Happy Acres Mobile Home Park. The complainant said he was walking out of Happy Acres on a trail when the employee asked him what business he had there. The complainant told him he was leaving his mother’s home, but didn’t know if his name was registered as a resident or guest of the park. The complainant said the conversation ended, the employee left and he continued walking. He said the employee returned and cut him off by pulling the vehicle in front of him.
The complainant said the employee got out of the vehicle and told him that if he ever came back to Happy Acres, he would shoot him “on sight.” The officer spoke to the employee, who said that he found no record of the complainant living there, so he confronted the man to tell him he is a liar and that he would be arrested for trespassing if he ever came back to the park.

Burglary, forced entry — A residence on Wexford Drive was burglarized. The complainant stated that when she returned home, her garage door wouldn’t open. She went to the rear of the residence and saw the sliding-glass door open. HPD searched the residence and found no one inside. It appeared as though every room had been burglarized, with several items missing. An upstairs window also had been kicked or pushed in.

Disorderly conduct/public drunk — Officers were dispatched to Waffle King on E.G. Miles Parkway in response to a disturbance. Restaurant employees and patrons reported a woman had been asking customers for money. An employee told the woman she needed to leave if she wasn’t going to order anything. She said the woman then began yelling profanity and threatening to fight people.
The woman reportedly then went outside and began banging on the window. She said she went outside and told her to leave, but the woman hit her with her purse. She said she then pushed the woman back, as she was coming at her aggressively. The woman then fell backwards on the ground.
The suspect told police that she was kicked repeatedly, but numerous sources at the scene said the woman was not kicked.

Damage to property — An officer responded to a call on Pointe South Drive, where a woman was inside her residence screaming because she believed her fiancé had cheated on her.
She said that her fiancé asked her to have his child, but was now distraught because he no longer wanted to be with her. She said that he went to see a spiritual adviser earlier that day and returned with three white doves in his truck. She said he told her that if she harmed the doves that they would hurt her. She said she asked him for an explanation in terms of their relationship, but he continued talking about his “voodoo” beliefs.
She said that she then broke the front window of his truck with a bottle to show him that nothing would happen and that he should release the doves.
The officer spoke with the fiancé, who said that the woman was OK because he did not release the doves after she broke the window.

Criminal trespass — An officer responded to a residence on Bridgemont Way when a Remax agent reported damage to the property. The agent said the residence is a vacant rental property, and human waste was found on the bathroom floor and paint cans had been thrown against the back outside wall, causing paint splatters. No structural damage was found.

Hit and run — A woman was sitting in her car in the parking lot of Waffle House on Oglethorpe Highway when a tan sport utility vehicle backed into her vehicle, damaging the rear bumper. She said she got out of the vehicle, but the SUV had already left the area and she was unable to get a tag number.

Nov. 13
Criminal trespass — A woman reported that her daughter’s father showed up to her Hollywood Drive residence to obtain custody of their daughter. The complainant said she told him he couldn’t take her, because she has weekend plans. She said he was upset by this and flipped over a glass table on the porch, which shattered. She said that he also punched out her car window before getting in his vehicle and driving away.

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