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Woman rats out neighbor, is wrong in allegation
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Nov. 26

Recent reports filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office include:

Nov. 7
• Matter of record — A woman reported her troubled young daughter has mental issues and tried to commit suicide by cutting herself with glass. The mother explained to the responding deputy that she found her daughter had Googled ways to harm herself.
When she confronted her daughter, the girl got upset and locked herself in her bedroom. When her mother checked on her a few minutes later, she found her daughter was cutting herself with a piece of glass along her neck and hands. The woman said the girl had been hospitalized before with issues. The girl was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Nov. 8
• Matter of record— A woman reported her neighbor was illegally installing a new septic system. When the deputy spoke with the man at his Dogwood Lane home, he said he was cleaning out old tree stumps and roots. He said he was preparing the land for the installation of a new mobile home and will be getting the proper permits for the work. The deputy observed a pile of tree roots and stumps but no septic system.

Nov. 10
• Accidental damage to property — A woman said she was driving west on Highway 196 when a green truck merged into her lane and hit a piece of wood in the road. She said the piece of wood flew up and caused two big dents on her hood.
• Verbal dispute — A man agreed to stay at a friend’s house for the night after he and his girlfriend got into a verbal dispute. Both parties agreed the argument was strictly verbal, and the man left the Woods Drive home in Midway.
• Matter of record — Two young boys reportedly broke several empty bottles they found and scattered the broken glass around an elderly neighbor’s mailbox. The woman said the boys put glass inside and around her mailbox, and she watched as they rode their ATV around, coming to a stop down the road after riding by her house. She said the boys kept glancing in her direction. She found the glass and called police. The boys admitted to the responding deputy they had done the bad deed. The deputy had them clean up the area and apologize to the lady. Satisfied with the apology and cleanup, she decided to not press charges.

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