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Woman says relations with ex-lover not consensual
pl schneider note
John Schneider passes a note to his attorney, public defender Stephen Yekel - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon

Despite having earlier relations with John E. Schneider, a Sunbury area woman testified Wednesday that they did not engage in consensual sexual relations on the night that resulted in charges being filed against Schneider.
Schneider is on trial in Liberty County Supieror Court on rape charges. Open-
ing arguments began Tuesday afternoon and eight witnesses were called Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning.
The eighth witness was the alleged victim, who said Schneider raped and sodomized her Feb 22, 2007, at her home.
The victim was directed and cross examined by the defense for what amounted to nearly eight hours regarding the nature of her relationship with the defendant.
The victim admits she became attracted to Schneider and that they became involved in a relationship that included consensual sex.
But she adamantly denied the relations that occurred Feb. 22 were consensual, saying, "I thought I was going to die.
"Something inside me told me don't argue, don't fight. Inside I was terrified."
In addition, the woman said he threat-
ened to give her a heart attack by making her fill the bathtub with water and get inside it while he dangled a running hairdryer above her.
Schneider has maintained his innocence, saying all their relations were consensual. He said the victim made up the allegation when he told her he was leaving.
The lead detective, Jeff Hein, was on the stand late Thursday afternoon. Schneider and the defense witnesses are scheduled to testify before the case is handed over to the jury.

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