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Raised Hinesville water tank returns to service
water tower 1.JPG

Water customers of central and eastern Hinesville should notice increased water pressure tomorrow after a water tank that holds 1,000,000 gallons of water was taken out of commission to be raised 34 feet in early August.

“Residents who have been experiencing lower than usual water pressure will experience an average water pressure increase of approximately 10-15 PSI, depending on their location and the current demand of the system,” explained engineer Matthew Barrow with City of Hinesville engineering firm, P.C. Simonton & Associates.

This tank raise is a part of a project that aims to raise three elevated water storage tanks to improve water pressure in parts of the Hinesville water system. The first site to be raised was the General Stewart Way water tank and it was raised in two, 17-feet rises. Two more tanks in town, one on Shaw Rd. and one of Hwy. 196, will be raised next at a later date.

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