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Spring activities bring fun, awards for Pack 581
Cub Scout Pack 581
Members of Cub Scout Pack 581, along with chaperones and family members, visited Wild Adventures outside of Valdosta to cap off their year. Also shown are some of the awards handed out to the Scouts. Photo provided

A visit to Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, Georgia, on Saturday, May 26, is where the Cub Scout Pack 581 culminated its annual end of the year field trip for the 2024 scouting year. There were several fundraising activities held during the year to offset the cost for the Park’s entry tickets and cost of food. Funds from The High-Fidelity Club, a local civic organization that gives annually to the Pack, also helped to defray this cost.

Travel arrangement to the theme park was a decision in which parents would decide to drive their own vehicle or rely on a tour bus company. Upon deciding on Coach Light Tours to handle transportation matters, funds for the trip were secured from several sources to assist the Pack. Financial assistance was obtained from John Little and Cheryl Peterson, CEOs of McIntosh S.E.E.D (Sustainable Environment and Economic Development) Agency of Darien. Other assistance was received from Electrical Sales Associate (ESA) Shawn Johnson where Chris Templeton is CEO. As time drew near for the trip, there were some concerns because it will take place during the Memorial Day weekend. Even with this matter of concern, the boys were still looking forward to the trip and having a fun time at the park.

The boys were informed by Cub Master Herman Baker that the Pack’s leaders and sponsors wanted to give them a memorable experience of the things that exist at a theme park. The Wild Adventure Theme Park would be the last outdoor activity that the boys will enjoy together before going on their summer vacation.

The weekend adventurers consisted of Jaylen Anderson, Jaxson Armbrister, Own Armbrister, Ryan Damewood, Elijah Forrest, Christopher Jones, Julian Lowe, Charles Opper, Brock Peterman, Liam Mendoza, Jarrius Robertson, Jase Slade, Cayden Stevens, and Jordan Ferris. Each scout was either accompanied by a parent, grandparent, or guardian.

There were chaperones who traveled with the Pack - Jarrod Robertson, Jr., Josiah Mack, Lee Alice Brown, Jayden Brown, Ezzard Jemison, Anya Damewood, Rhiannah Peterman, McKenzie Slade, William Slade, Cameron Robertson, Olivia Martin, Chante Baker Martin, and Sarah Baker.

Before arriving to the theme park, the cub scouts and chaperones were informed to take note of the literature about those things that make the park a fun place where one would want to visit even after this trip. It was further mentioned that many rides and other events are some of the known features of the park and following guidelines are very important, especially for safety reasons.

After a day of fun and adventures, the pack and chaperones were ready to begin a three and half hour return trip to Liberty County. Some of the comments made about the theme park adventure were “I like the water park,” by Cayden. Brook said “There were a lot of rides and I had fun.” Ryan said “he enjoyed the Snake ride.” Jase mentioned that “he was impressed with the many rides that were for little children.” Chaperones Jayden and Ezzard said they “rode on all of the rides at the park.” Olivia said “there were several rides she enjoyed so much, until she rode them for a second time.” During the interview session with the Park’s adventurers, many of them echoed the same response.

Reflections on other scouting activities held since the beginning of Spring were commented on during the Pack’s End of the Year Awards and Bridge Crossing Ceremony held on Tuesday, May 28. Comments were made particularly by parents when the boys were engaged in kite flying and Midway Day Festival.

In March, all boys were presented with a certificate acknowledging the den and winner’s category recognition for their participation in the Pack’s Derby Car Race. These participants were Jaylen Anderson, Jaxson Armbrister, Mekhari Bacon, Ryan Damewood, Elijah Forrest, Christopher Jones, Julian Lowe, Liam Mendoza, Christopher Benjamin Opper, Brock Peterman, Jarrius Robertson and Cayden Stevens.

Several boys, including Jarrius Robertson, Liam Mendoza, and Jaxson Armbrister participated in the District Derby Car Race held in April in Savannah. At the District race, Owen Armbrister and Christopher Jones were winners on this level. These two winners were the first to receive a winner’s trophy in nearly two decades for the Pack.

Chris Hamilton, a parent volunteer and Pack leader, presented each boy with an Official Derby Car Trophy and a Derby Car Medallion for their participation in the Pack’s Derby Car and the District Derby Car Races for the 2023-24 scouting year.

The Pack’s end of the year Awards and Bridge Crossing Ceremony was held Tuesday, May 29. The ceremony consisted of the following boys receiving their earned patch in their perspective Den. These include: Ryan Damewood to receive the Lion patch; Christopher Jones to receive the Tiger Patch; Cayden Stevens receiving the Wolf Patch; Brock Peterman, Owen Armbrister and Jefferie Ferris receiving the Bear patch. Webelos 1 patch recipients are Elijah Forrest, Julian Lowe, and Jarrius Robertson. Arrow of Light recipients received their patch and a boy scout neckerchief presented by Carey McIver as they transition from cub scouting to crossing the Bridge to the Troop that will receive them on the other side. These boys were Jaylen Anderson, Jaxson Armbrister, Mekhari Bacon, Skyler Jeffers, Stephen Mullice, Charles Ben Opper, and Jase Slade.

The closing remarks were made by John Lewis, CEO, of one of the Pack’s sponsoring organizations. He commended the parents for their support and thanked the boys for their attendance to the Pack’s meetings. The program ended with the boys reciting the official cub scout closing and enjoying the rest of the evening with food and fellowshipping among family members, guest and several members of Limerick Lodge No. 437.

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