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Union endorses congressional candidate
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BRUNSWICK - The United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 177 has endorsed Lt. Col. (ret.) Bill Gillespie of Chatham County in the First Congressional District election.
The organization represents plumbers and pipefitters in the Brunswick area.
E.D. Gornto, business manager for the local, said the group would devote resources to backing Gillespie in 2008.
"From military and veteran issues to environmental and working family issues, Gillespie shows the new leadership desperately needed in South Georgia," Gornto said.
Gillespie is challenging Republican Jack Kingston for his seat.
"I am honored to have the endorsement and support of the plumbers and pipefitters," Gillespie said. "Each day, these hard-working people bring much prosperity to South Georgia that benefits us all."
The endorsement is the first official candidate endorsement by an organization in the 2008 First District election. The First District contains 25 counties, and covers most of Southeast Georgia, from Savannah to St. Mary's, and inland from McRae to Valdosta.
"People are frustrated that Washington and its insiders are not meeting the important challenges of our time," Gillespie said. "I understand how to lead South Georgia toward success in the global economy and to safety in an unstable world. I pledge to offer strong leadership that puts people first."
Gillespie says his Army career of 23 years, including time in Iraq as the 3rd ID's senior logistician, prepared him to be a congressman who can defend America from terrorism and lead the United States toward winning the peace in Iraq.
His top domestic issue is creating the South Georgia Alternative Energy Initiative, making the region a center for research and production of agri-fuel, solar, wind, methane and other alternative energies.
Gillespie's other top issues include stopping illegal immigration, reforming the healthcare and insurance industries, improving benefits for veterans, lowering taxes for families and small businesses, repealing the No Child Left Behind Act, balancing the federal budget, and promoting sustainable development.
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