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Students get cheering section on first day
Even some young adults were recruited out to cheer on students. - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger
As a string of buses drove the long entrance to Liberty Elementary School Thursday morning, students inside pressed their hands and faces against the windows trying to see what the commotion was at the end of the road.  
Cars, mixed in with the buses, honked excitedly, further peaking their curiosity.
The source of the excitement was a group of parents, soldiers and former Liberty County students gathered in front of the school, holding encouraging signs and waving. It was the student’s own cheerleading squad for the first day of school and it was lead by board of education member Verdell Jones.
“The kids get so excited,” Jones said. “Their faces light up and they just get so happy.”
Tajana Jones, Verdell’s daughter and a former LCSS student, was among the group and brought her friends to help cheer.
“We saw the kids waving out of the window, and the parents were really appreciative,” Tajana Jones said. “I felt like I really gave back to the community.”
Jones said after the elementary school, the group was headed to Midway Middle school to encourage older students as well.
This was the first time the group had ever gathered for the students, but Jones said the results were so positive she wants to make it an annual tradition.
“Next year we want to do it in a big way, county-wide,” Jones said.
Chris Anderson, principal of Liberty Elementary, was glad to see so much support from community members and came outside to stand and wave with them for few minutes.
“Thank you so much,” he said to the group. “The kids love it.”
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