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Today's COVID-19 report from the CHD
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As of 3 p.m., January 19th, there have been 30,943 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in residents of the Coastal Health District and 519 deaths.


Cases by county:

  • Bryan: 2,018 cases, 19 deaths
  • Camden: 2,594 cases, 21 deaths
  • Chatham: 15,020 cases, 264 deaths
  • Effingham: 2,838 cases, 39 deaths
  • Glynn: 5,365 cases, 128 deaths
  • Liberty: 2,091 cases, 33 deaths
  • Long: 510 cases, 7 deaths
  • McIntosh: 507 cases, 8 deaths

Note - the state's website reflected an erroneous number of confirmed cases for Glynn County today; this report includes the correct number. The number in the state database included individuals who were tested in Glynn but reside in other counties. The state's database is being updated to reflect this.

Timing of Reports:

It can take days, weeks, or longer for COVID-19 case-related information, including deaths, to be reported from various sources and confirmed by the State. Our daily update of COVID-19 cases and deaths reflects when a case is reported and not necessarily when a specimen was collected, or a death occurred.


Any reductions are due to corrections of previous errors in the database.


More Information:

You can find local case information, additional data, FAQs, and other COVID-19 associated web content at

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